WK 35 - Engaging Arts/Humanities with Long-Term Research and Education Programs: Outcomes, Approaches, Networking

Tuesday, August 7, 2012: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
B116, Oregon Convention Center
Mary Beth Leigh, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Frederick J. Swanson, USDA Forest Service, Pacific NW Research Station
Interest in engaging arts/humanities with long-term research programs for purposes of both primary inquiry and outreach has grown dramatically within the LTER network, Organization of Biological Field Station sites, and US Forest Service experimental forests. The visual arts, performance, environmental ethics and history, and creative writing have all found expression in these place-based, long-view programs. This workshop intends to share information with the objective of advancing existing programs, starting new ones, and beginning to function as a network of sites sharing this work. The session will be composed of brief presentation of examples of the work in several media (creative writing, visual arts, performance (dance, theater, song), philosophy), and business models (how to do it and get it funded) followed by open discussion of how to foster new arts/humanities projects at individual sites, enhance existing programs, and to solidify connections between the emerging network of sites (the incipient network is characterized at http://www.ecologicalreflections.com/). Lunch will not be served, bring your own lunch!

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