SS 7 - Earth Stewardship: Exploring Connections Between Microecology and Macroecology

Monday, August 6, 2012: 10:15 AM-11:30 AM
Portland Blrm 257, Oregon Convention Center
Lei Cheng, Zhejiang University
Kai Xue, University of Oklahoma
Lei Cheng, Zhejiang University
Jizhong Zhou, University of Oklahoma; Michael Kaspari, University of Oklahoma; Mary K. Firestone, University of California, Berkeley; James H. Brown, University of New Mexico; Christopher B. Field, Carnegie Institution of Washington; and James M. Tiedje, Michigan State University
Knowledge from ecology critically helps us preserve and enhance the earth’s life-support systems. By doing so, people have traditionally considered macroecology and microecology in isolation from one another. There is an increasing recognition that an integrated knowledge of macro- and micro-ecology would be essential to inform policies for preserving and enhancing the earth’s lift-supporting systems. In this session, we will invite scientists to discuss how to build a unified framework based on experimental observations from both macro- and micro-ecology. Specific topics may include: 1) applying the cutting-edge technologies such as metagenomics to resolve ecological questions, 2) synthesizing data from global change studies from molecular to community to ecosystem scales, 3) building a theoretical link between diversity of micro- and macro-organisms in the context of climate change and 4) promoting theory exchanges between micro- and macro-ecology. In particular, speakers will discuss about how to translate this knowledge to policy makers, stake holders and the public. Conversations between session speakers and attendees will be highly encouraged. Finally, we will conclude a summary report based on discussions in this special session and will share it with ecologists, policy-makers and the public through the ESA website.
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