WK 1 - National Workshop On Public Participation In Scientific Research

Saturday, August 4, 2012: 8:00 AM-6:30 PM
F150, Oregon Convention Center
Sunday, August 5, 2012: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
F150, Oregon Convention Center
Meg Domroese, Schoodic Education and Research Center Institute
Heidi Ballard, University of California, Davis; Rick Bonney, Cornell University; Alison Young, California Academy of Sciences; Tony DeFalco, Consultant on Equity and Sustainability; Abraham Miller-Rushing, National Park Service; Sarah Newman, NEON; Jennifer Shirk, Cornell University; and Jake Weltzin, US Geological Survey
Terry Root, Woods Institute for the Environment / Stanford University; William Michener, University of New Mexico; Arfon Smith, Adler Planetarium; Seth Cooper, University of Washington; and Wallace J. Nichols, Ocean Revolution & California Academy of Sciences
Citizen science and other forms of participatory science are increasingly popular approaches to answer pressing scientific questions, enhance participant learning, and address coupled social-ecological concerns. Projects span many fields—including astronomy, molecular biology, and human and environmental health—and are especially prevalent in ecology and conservation biology. With over a century of experience, projects have resulted in peer-reviewed publications and management reports, developed sophisticated data analysis approaches, designed curriculum materials and assessed learning outcomes, and broadened perspectives on the ways volunteers can contribute knowledge for science. Bringing this experience together with innovative social networking, online gaming, and participatory development expertise could lead to additional advances. However there is limited communication of insights across projects and fields of study, and to date no venues for engaging participatory science practitioners across disciplines. This national meeting for participatory science will engage diverse interests and practices to advance innovation across fields. In this two-day forum participants will exchange ideas about effective techniques for implementing participatory science projects and achieving education and research outcomes in a variety of disciplines. Presentations will provide an overview of major issues and developments, and along with poster sessions, will provoke discussion, and maximize interaction among participants. There will also be a working group meeting to discuss strategies to build and support a network for public participation in scientific research. Speakers include Terry Root, Bill Michener, Arfon Smith, Seth Cooper, and Wallace J. Nichols. More information about the workshop, including the agenda and list of speakers, is available on the conference website.

Registration Fee: $30

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