SS 9 - Rooftop Solar Power Generation and Urban Forests: Strategies for Sustainable Coexistence In Cities

Monday, August 6, 2012: 10:15 AM-11:30 AM
B117, Oregon Convention Center
Daniel C. Staley, DCS Consulting Services
Solar power generation is growing rapidly across the developed world as costs to collect solar energy fall and new business models lower installation costs. Yet trees continue to be planted where they can conflict with a solar collector’s access plane, lowering efficiency and affecting Return On Investment. Must property owners make an all-or-nothing choice: trees or solar power? The answer in many cases is no – trees and solar panels can coexist so communities can enjoy the benefits of both. The strategic partnering of trees and solar panels will allow cities to come closer to achieving sustainability goals, and further the goals of the solar industry as well as urban forest advocates. This session will give strategies and techniques to allow the professional to ensure urban forests thrive as solar power collection increases. Urban professionals and advocates will understand what solar companies need to succeed, and how to partner with forestry professionals to grow their business or their organization’s capacity. The solutions described in this session will change certain design and land-use elements in the built environment, decrease tree and solar conflicts, and increase solar collection in the urban forest. This session will include background, code and policy language, professional phrases, and architectural renderings to assist the urban professional or advocate in problem-solving alongside green energy professionals to ensure both a successful solar installation project and a high quality of life under the forest canopy.
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