SS 11 - Identifying Key Ecological Research Questions and Theory Associated with Human and Justice Concerns

Monday, August 6, 2012: 10:15 AM-11:30 AM
C123, Oregon Convention Center
Charles H. Nilon, University of Missouri
Leanne M. Jablonski, Marianist Environmental Education Center; Kellen A. Marshall, University of Illinois at Chicago; and George A. Middendorf, Howard University
Increasingly, ecologists are incorporating into their research issues that involve people and society, as evidenced by the rise of ESA’s urban ecosystems ecology, human ecology, applied ecology, agro-ecology, traditional ecological knowledge, and environmental justice sections. These disciplines are often problem-solving or problem-resolution issues. Yet there are also basic research questions in these fields, such as demographics and human diversity as part of ‘biodiversity considerations’. How do we consider the trade-offs between ‘ecological benefit’ to the ecosystem, vs. potential negative impacts on residents such as allergens accompanying a native plant introduction to a brownfield. Terminology and frameworks are also sometimes different - so what is the common language that will help us both advance the discipline of ecology AND benefit human societal concerns? Speakers representing the breadth of the Sections, will present a summary of the core questions from the perspectives of their field, how they are currently being addressed and will propose future directions. Contribute your ideas and perspectives Our aimed outcome is a white paper outlining the key research questions, and planning a symposium and related events for the 2012 meeting. Sponsored by the Environmental Justice Section in dialogue with Human Ecology, Urban Ecology, Agro-Ecology, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Applied Ecology.
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