COS 105 - Community Pattern And Dynamics V

Wednesday, August 8, 2012: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
D137, Oregon Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Does variation in the strength of negative density dependence explain differences in species diversity among tropical forests?
Liza S. Comita, The Ohio State University; The Center for Tropical Forest Science Working Group, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
1:50 PM
 Climate but not disturbance history controls grassland plant community structure
Eric G. Lamb, University of Saskatchewan; Digit Guedo, University of Saskatchewan
2:10 PM
 Patch dynamics and the structure of mutualistic networks
Luis J. Gilarranz, Estación Biológica de Doñana, CSIC; Jordi Bascompte, Estación Biológica de Doñana, CSIC
2:30 PM
 Effect of nutrient dispersal on diversity and resource use efficiency in a marine meta-ecosystem experiment
Nils Guelzow, Institute for chemistry and biology of the marine evironment (ICBM); Yanis Wahlen, Institute for chemistry and biology of the marine evironment (ICBM); Robert Ptacnik, Universität Wien; Helmut Hillebrand, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
2:50 PM
 A new metric for trait-based investigations of niche assembly
Rafael D'Andrea, University of Michigan; Annette M. Ostling, University of Michigan; György Barabás, University of Chicago
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Predation resistance does not trade off with competitive ability in early-colonizing aquatic Diptera
Ebony Murrell, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Steven A. Juliano, Illinois State University
4:00 PM
 Community-level consequences of cannibalism
Jan Ohlberger, University of Washington; Øystein Langangen, University of Oslo; Nils Chr. Stenseth, University of Oslo; L. Asbjørn Vøllestad, University of Oslo
4:40 PM
 A habitat- forming facilitation cascade regulates biodiversity and trophic structure in a tree-epiphyte system
Christine Angelini, University of Florida; Brian R. Silliman, University of Florida