SS 19
Open Science and Ecology (Open Format)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
L100D, Minneapolis Convention Center
Carly Strasser, University of California Office of the President
Karthik Ram, University of California Berkeley
Carl Boettiger, UC Berkeley; Elena Feinstein, Dryad Repository; Russell Neches, UC Davis; and Scott A. Chamberlain, Rice University
Although many ecologists have heard the phrases “open science”, “open access”, and/or “open data”, they are not necessarily well-versed in how these phrases may apply to them. They are often aware of the importance of emerging “open” movements, and may be surprised to learn that open access and open data mandates are being enacted at many institutions. In this session, we will cover a range of topics related to Open Science and its importance for the future of Ecology. Topics will include open access, open data, open source software and code, open lab notebooks, open hardware, and the sharing of workflows. We will discuss the benefits to the researcher in engaging in open science, and provide examples for how to begin participating in the open movement. This topic is timely for the ESA 2013 meeting. The 2011 Research Works Act and the subsequent boycott of non-OA publishers brought open access to the forefront of researchers’ minds; open access policies going into effect at various institutions; journals and funders are mandating open data via their new sharing policies. In a survey of 220 ESA students, one of the topics that emerged as being of significant interest for future ESA conferences was “Open Access and Data Sharing”.
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