SS 16
Ecological Footprint

Tuesday, August 6, 2013: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
L100A, Minneapolis Convention Center
Safwat Shakir hanna, Texas Gulf Coast Environmental Data (TEXGED) Center, Prairie View A&M University
Ecological footprint is an important measure in calculating the human demands and impacts on our global environment. In this respect, the ecological footprint is a function of all the parameters that interact between the power of ecosystem productivity and human interactions and activities on a particular ecosystem or the demand from that ecosystem. Therefore, This topic is important for the future generation and sustainability of the ecosystems at local, regional, continental and at global scales. That is why this session is important The most important activites are: 1)Discuss the meaning of ecological footprint; 3)Discuss the Impacts of increase of human ecological footprint demands from the ecosystems and what are ways the ecosystems can provide the humans with goods and services (i.e. discuss the ability of Ecosystems to provide goods and services to meet the human needs); 4)Discuss the global consequences of increasing demands from ecosystems against their abilities to provides theses goods and serivices (e.g. climate change as global warming, increasing CO2, cutting trees and destruction of forest, hydrological cycle change....etc); 4)Discuss the solutions for balancing demands of humans against the abilities of ecosystems to provides goods and service (i.e. Biocapacity of Ecosystem). In other words we can discuss how to sustain our global earth ecosystems for future generations. In addition, I will discuss the educational aspects for understanding the temporal and spatial dynamics of macro-scale ecological systems in relation to socioeconomic dimensions.It is expected to generate some recommendations
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