WK 44
CANCELLED - International Project Opportunities for Applied Ecologists: Resources and Techniques to Identify and Successfully Compete for Work Abroad

Wednesday, August 7, 2013: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
Board Rm 1, Hilton Minneapolis
Stephan Crawford, United States Commercial Service
Jacoby Carter, US Geological Survey
This workshop will provide an overview of global project opportunities for applied ecologists, as well as resources and techniques for identifying, tracking, and securing participation in these projects. The widespread degradation and loss of critical ecosystem services due to global economic activity is driving a re-evaluation of strategies for economic development in many parts of the world, as reflected in the policies, programs and initiatives of individual national governments, multilateral organizations, global foundations, and leading companies in the private sector. This re-evaluation includes strategies for avoiding or minimizing ecological impacts and for restoring ecosystem function where it has been lost. However, many of these projects are located in areas of the world that may lack the local expertise to carry out the relevant work, and consequently there is an opportunity to apply the expertise of American ecologists in this context. The workshop will begin with an overview of the relevant national and global institutions that are engaging in this work, including a discussion on how projects are being financed. The session will then consider how ecologists can position themselves to successfully compete to participate in these projects, whether acting as independent consultants or as professionals within a consulting firm, academic institution or government agency. This segment will include a description of US government resources that can be leveraged to increase the chances of success. This workshop is intended for applied ecologists who are interested in working on international projects.

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