FT 13
Plant and Animal Phenology Monitoring on the Mississippi River

Monday, August 5, 2013: 5:30 PM-7:45 PM
Level One, Reg Area, 3rd Ave South Lobby, Minneapolis Convention Center
LoriAnne Barnett, USA National Phenology Network; Rebecca A. Montgomery, University of Minnesota; and Christopher R. Buyarski, University of Minnesota
Theresa M. Crimmins, USA National Phenology Network
Observing plant and animal life cycle events, or phenology, is a great way to increase the connection between nature and people of all ages and backgrounds. The USA National Phenology Network’s phenology monitoring program, Nature’s Notebook, is being used in thousands of locations by individuals and organizations to track phenology. Nature’s Notebook monitoring sites have been established at the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, not far from the ESA conference site. We’ll walk along a trail with marked plants at the Recreation Area, make phenology observations using Nature’s Notebook using paper data sheets and mobile apps, and discuss the variety of ways that Nature’s Notebook can be used by individuals, groups, and organizations. We will also discuss available tools (from USA-NPN) and preparations needed for establishing a phenology monitoring trail. The trail runs through floodplain forests at the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. The site is dominated by forests of cottonwood, ash and silver maple and by open wetlands.

Registration Fee: $30

Equipment and Attire: Sturdy walking shoes, water, paper and pencil, smart phone or iPad (if you have one)

Itinerary: 5:30pm: leave Convention Center to arrive by 5:45pm. 5:45: arrive at monitoring site, walk along trail, make observations 6:45: snacks and discussion 7:30: Leave monitoring site, return to Convention Center to arrive by 7:45.

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