SS 2
Creating Effective Data Management Plans for Ecological Research

Monday, August 5, 2013: 10:15 AM-11:30 AM
101B, Minneapolis Convention Center
William Michener
Amber Budden
Viv Hutchison
Carly Strasser and Patricia Cruse
Are you preparing a research proposal or initiating a research project? Increasingly, funders are requiring that proposals and funded projects include a comprehensive plan that describes how the data will be effectively managed during the life of the project and beyond. Regardless, advance planning for data management is good practice; stewardship of earth depends on stewardship of the data about earth and life on it. This workshop introduces participants to the critical components of effective data management plans, with consideration of the ways in which your plan can be tailored to the size, duration, and breadth of your project. Participants will be introduced to the DMPTool, a tool that provides multiple funder templates that can be adapted to meet individual needs, in addition to being provided a series of examples that span the breadth of ecological research projects. Participants will also learn what is new in the development of the DMPTool and in funder requirements. The session is designed to be highly interactive and includes brief talks, videos, and panel/audience feedback. Speakers will highlight an array of online resources that point to exemplary plans, best data practices for all phases of the data life cycle (e.g., data acquisition, quality assurance/quality control, data exploration, analysis, visualization, preservation, and sharing), and additional instructional materials and resources that will enable participants in developing their own data management plans.
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