FT 11
Metro Old-Growth

Sunday, August 4, 2013: 9:30 AM-3:00 PM
Level One, Reg Area, 3rd Ave South Lobby, Minneapolis Convention Center
Rebecca A. Montgomery, University of Minnesota
Lee Frelich, University of Minnesota
We will see two examples of unlogged maple-basswood-red oak forest--Wood-Rill Natural Area (150 acres) and Taylor’s Woods (80 acres) in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. These two forests contain stands in a variety of developmental stages with some trees up to 350 years old, a history of fire disturbance extending into the early 1900s and continuing disturbance by wind. We will discuss research on: (1) deer overabundance and earthworm invasion impacts on soils, plant species richness and tree seedling recruitment (2) stand dynamics and development of multi-aged forests; (3) issues related to fragmentation and maintaining old-growth remnants once they are surrounded by the suburbs.

Registration Fee: $61

Equipment and Attire: We will walk about 2 miles during the day on gently rolling topography with a few hills 50 feet high. There may possibly be some muddy places in the trail and although August is not peak insect season in Minnesota, there will be some mosquitos.

Itinerary: 9:00 AM leave Minneapolis convention center 9:30 Arrive at Wood-Rill Natural Area and hike for about 1.5 hours 11:00 AM leave Wood-Rill 11:30 arrive at Eastman Nature Center for picnic lunch 12:30 leave Nature Center for Taylor’s Woods 12:45 arrive at Taylor’s Woods, hike for 1.5 hours 2:15 leave Taylor’s woods 3:00 Return to Minneapolis Convention Center

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