COS 62
Restoration Ecology II

Wednesday, August 7, 2013: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
L100J, Minneapolis Convention Center
8:00 AM
 The influence of population source and species pools on propagule supply in an experimental grassland
Jason E. Willand, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Sara G. Baer, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; David J. Gibson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
8:20 AM
 Grow Zones: Function over form in restoration of urban Creeks in Austin, TX
Mateo Scoggins, City of Austin; Alexander M. Duncan, City of Austin; Aaron Richter, City of Austin
8:40 AM
 Plant community response to regional sources of dominant grasses in grasslands restored across a precipitation gradient
Laurel R. Wilson, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; David J. Gibson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Sara G. Baer, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Loretta Johnson, Kansas State University
9:00 AM
 Examining progressive changes in stream habitat and communities following restoration
Kristopher K. Wright, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
9:20 AM
 Insect responses to grassland restoration using fire and grazing: Short and longer-term perspectives
Diane M. Debinski, Iowa State University; Raymond A. Moranz, Oklahoma State University; John Delaney, Iowa State University; James R. Miller, University of Illinois; David M. Engle, Oklahoma State University
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Restoration and recovery: Do restoration actions lead to stable populations of rare species?
Erik T. Aschehoug, North Carolina State University; Nick M. Haddad, North Carolina State University; William F. Morris, Duke University; Tyson M. Wepprich, North Carolina State University; Frances S. Sivakoff, North Carolina State University; Heather Lessig, North Carolina State University
10:10 AM
 Can novel combinations of prescribed extreme fire and herbicide be used to overcome resprouting woody plant resilience and restore degraded rangelands in the southern Great Plains?
William E. Rogers, Texas A&M University; Dirac Twidwell, University of Nebraska; Carissa L. Wonkka, Texas A&M University; Urs P. Kreuter, Texas A&M University; Charles A. Taylor Jr., Texas A&M AgriLIFE Research Center
10:30 AM
 Constructing alternate states: Invasive seed bank dominance in restored versus reference vernal pools
Akasha M. Faist, University of Colorado; Sharon K. Collinge, University of Colorado
11:10 AM
 Spatial methods for low-cost restoration of rangeland ecosystem services
Andrew P. Rayburn, River Partners; Heather Spaulding, University of California, Davis; Jessica Musengezi, Defenders of Wildlife; A.T. O'Geen, University of California, Davis; Emilio A. Laca, University of California