PS 47
Education: Tools And Technology

Wednesday, August 7, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 A multi-player computer game to explore sustainable bioenergy crop production
D. Leith Nye, University of Wisconsin-Madison; John M. Greenler, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Michael Ferris, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Steven R. Wangen, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Ben Shapiro, Tufts University; Rosemary Russ, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Will Strinz, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Jeffrey Dischler, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Collin Scherbert, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Alex Wood-Doughty, UC-Santa Barbara; Kate Arnold, Middleton High School
 Introduction of a multi-disciplinary CHANS project into a high school classroom
Kate Kohler, Mote Marine Laboratory; Porter Hoagland, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Lora Fleming, European Centre for Environment and Human Health,; Katrin Rudge, Riverview High School; Barbara Kirkpatrick, Mote Marine Laboratory
 Virtual and authentic web-based ecological inquiries and their impact on student learning
X. Ben Wu, Texas A&M University; Stephanie Knight, Pennsylvania State University; Aubree Webb, Pennsylvania State University; Melisa Ziegler, Pennsylvania State University; Jane F. Schielack, Texas A&M University
 Enhancing student learning in undergraduate ecology courses through the EcoEdDL / Science Pipes collaboration
Kenneth M. Klemow, Wilkes University; Paul Allen, Cornell University; Kathleen L. Shea, St. Olaf College; Paul Weihe, Central College; Teresa Mourad, Ecological Society of America; Andrea McMillen, Ecological Society of America
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