PS 16
Invasion: Prevention And Management

Monday, August 5, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 A multi-lake field experiment to test the effectiveness of milfoil weevil for control of Eurasian watermilfoil
John E. Havel, Missouri State University; Susan Knight, University of Wisconsin
 Survival of invasive aquatic plants after air exposure and implications for dispersal by recreational boats
Lindsey A. Bruckerhoff, Missouri State University; John E. Havel, Missouri State University; Susan Knight, University of Wisconsin
 Growth phenology, biomass, and vine recruitment potential of the invasive plant Dioscorea bulbifera in Florida
Min Bahadur Rayamajhi, United States Department of Agriculture; Paul D. Pratt, United States Department of Agriculture; Ted D. Center, United States Department of Agriculture: Retired
 Use of uprooted invasive buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) parent plants as thatch to reduce progeny seedling emergence
Marcus B. Jernigan, University of Arizona; Jeffrey Fehmi, University of Arizona; Mitchel P. McClaran, University of Arizona; Sharon H. Biedenbender, Coronado National Forest
 Breaking the Cycle: can glyphosate and willow cuttings disrupt positive feedbacks that sustain reed canarygrass monocultures?
Michael Merriman, University of WI-La Crosse; Meredith Thomsen, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse; D. Timothy Gerber, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
 Conclusions from 11 years of buckthorn biocontrol research
Laura C. Van Riper, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; Andre Gassmann, CABI Europe-Switzerland; Luke Skinner, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
 Flight capacity of Tetrastichus planipennisi, an introduced parasitoid of emerald ash borer Agrilus planipennis
Samuel J. Fahrner, University of Minnesota; Jonathan P. Lelito, USDA APHIS PPQ; Brian H. Aukema, University of Minnesota
 Effects of selective imazapic application on Bromus tectorum and non-target species in Rocky Mountain National Park
Christopher Davis, Colorado State University; Cynthia S. Brown, Colorado State University; Scott M. Esser, Rocky Mountain National Park
 Variation of supercooling points in a northern California population of walnut twig beetle (Pityophthorus juglandis Blackman)
Andrea R. Hefty, University of Minnesota; Robert C. Venette, USDA Forest Service; Steven J. Seybold, USDA Forest Service; Brian H. Aukema, University of Minnesota
 First-stage invasion of urban and forest habitats by the exotic tree Kalopanax septemlobus (Araliaceae)
Thomas D. Lee, University of New Hampshire; Audrey L. Perkins, University of New Hampshire; Andrew S. Campbell, University of New Hampshire; John S. Passero, University of New Hampshire; Nathan A. Roe, University of New Hampshire; Caleb M. Shaw, University of New Hampshire; Russell G. Congalton, University of New Hampshire
 Euonymus fortunei: Back-seat driver of environmental change?
Jonathan T. Bauer, Indiana University; W. Austin Rutherford, Indiana University; Rebecca E. Stoops, Indiana University; Heather L. Reynolds, Indiana University
 Nutrient addition amplifies salinity-dependent differences in competitive ability of invasive and native vines
Gang Liu, Sun Yat-sen University; Evan Siemann, Rice University; Shaolin Peng, Sun Yat-sen University
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