PS 51

Wednesday, August 7, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 k-tree density estimation from sparse nearest-neighbor data
Aaron M. Ellison, Harvard University; Nicholas J. Gotelli, University of Vermont; Natalie Hsiang, Mount Holyoke College; Adam B. Maidman, University of Massachusetts; Michael Lavine, University of Massachusetts
 Estimating the parameters for diffusion models of dispersal using mean occupancy time
MingQing Xiao, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; John D. Reeve, Southern Illinois University; Dashun Xu, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; James T. Cronin, Louisiana State University
 Prevalence and ambiguity of repeated measures ANOVA in ecological literature
Doug P. Aubrey, Georgia Southern University; Kim Love-Myers, University of Georgia; Emmanuel Tuglo, University of Georgia; Michael J. Drews, Georgia Southern University; Robert J. Cooper, University of Georgia
 Vegetation phenology and carbon and energy fluxes in arctic tundra
Kemal Gökkaya, University of Notre Dame; Yueyang Jiang, Marine Biological Laboratory; Edward B. Rastetter, Marine Biological Lab; Gaius R. Shaver, Marine Biological Laboratory; Adrian Rocha, University of Notre Dame
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