COS 126

Friday, August 9, 2013: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
L100G, Minneapolis Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Gravediggers: Parasitoid flies manipulate bumblebee host behavior and may select for host body size
Staige Elizabeth Davis, University of Virginia; Rosemary L. Malfi, University of Virginia
8:20 AM
 Community-level pollination: Biotic and abiotic determinants and temporal variation
Daniel S. Song, University of Pennsylvania; Pierre Liancourt, Institute of Botany; Bazartseren Boldgiv, National University of Mongolia; Ariuntsetseg LKhagva, University of Wyoming; Laura A. Spence, University of Pennsylvania, PIRE Mongolia Project (; Peter S. Petraitis, University of Pennsylvania; Brenda B. Casper, University of Pennsylvania
8:40 AM
 Biotic and non-biotic factors contribute to cranberry pollination
Hannah R. Gaines, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Claudio Gratton, University of Wisconsin - Madison
9:00 AM
 Effects of inbreeding on floral volatiles in Mimulus guttatus
Ariela I. Haber, University of Virginia; Consuelo M. De Moraes, The Pennsylvania State University; Mark C. Mescher, ETH Zurich; David E. Carr, University of Virginia
9:20 AM
 Landscape features affect bumblebee visitation to flowers in old fields and seed set in blueberries
Helen J. Young, Middlebury College; Emily Blair, Middlebury College
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 It’s complicated: Subtle characteristics of communities affect the nature of plant-pollinator relationships
Alison Parker, University of Toronto; Daniel Merritt, University of Toronto; James D. Thomson, University of Toronto
10:10 AM
 Spatio-temporal variation in interacting plant-pollinator populations: the role of phenology, species traits, and geography in sympatric populations of spring-flowering Camassia
Susan Kephart, Willamette University; Adam Kotaich, Willamette University; Molly Sultany, Northwest Academy; Jaime Peters, Dow AgroSciences; Briana Ezray, Willamette University
10:30 AM
 Trait driven species-specific responses to pollinator losses
Heather Mae Briggs, University of California, Santa Cruz; Berry J. Brosi, Emory University
10:50 AM
 Post-fire plant reproductive success of generalist vs. specialist pollinated native perennials in the Mojave Desert, USA
Andrew H. Lybbert, Brigham Young University; Samuel B. St. Clair, Brigham Young University
11:10 AM Cancelled
 Individual bumble bees are locavores in a Rocky Mountain meadow
Jane E. Ogilvie, University of Toronto; James D. Thomson, University of Toronto; Takashi T. Makino, Yamagata University