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Wednesday, August 7, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 Adaptive variation in growth, phenology, cold tolerance and nitrogen fixation of red alder (Alnus rubra): Evidence from common garden experiments in two contrasting climates
R. Brendan Porter, Centre for Forest Biology, University of Victoria; Terri Lacourse, University of Victoria; Barbara J. Hawkins, Centre for Forest Biology, University of Victoria; Alvin Yanchuk, BC Ministry of Forests
 The influence of inflorescence size and number on the following year’s inflorescence production in Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) 
Brian Moyer, Penn State Altoona; Julia Eckenrode, Penn State Altoona; Maureen A. Levri, Penn State Altoona; Edward P. Levri, Penn State Altoona
 The effect of local adaptation on mycorrhizal fungi-host relationships
Megan A. Rúa, University of Mississippi; Bridget J. Piculell, University of Mississippi; Jason D. Hoeksema, University of Mississippi
 A preliminary investigation of the intrapopulation genetic diversity of the brine shrimp, Artemia franciscana, in Great Salt Lake, Utah, at the mitochondrial COI locus by High Resolution Melting Analysis
Brian J. Avery, Westminster College; J. Graham Doherty, Westminster College; Alexander G. Roegiers, Westminster College; Robert R. Sheen, Westminster College
 Influences of polyploidy and mating system on life-history variation in a snail model for the maintenance of sex
Claire F. Tucci, University of Iowa; Katelyn Larkin, University of Iowa; Maurine Neiman, University of Iowa
 Project Baseline: A living genome bank to capture evolution in action
Nicole L. Soper Gorden, University of Minnesota; Steven J. Franks, Fordham University; Susan J. Mazer, University of California, Santa Barbara; Ruth G. Shaw, University of Minnesota; Arthur Weis, University of Toronto; Matthew Jahnke, University of Minnesota; Karen Updegraff, University of Minnesota; Julie R. Etterson, University of Minnesota-Duluth
 Differentiation of physiological traits among tropical live oak populations throughout dry forests of Central America
Alyson E. Center, University of Minnesota; Jeannine Cavender-Bares, University of Minnesota; Julie R. Etterson, University of Minnesota-Duluth; Jed P. Sparks, Cornell University; George Pilz, Zamorano Agricultural University Latin America; Timothy Longwell, Zamorano Agricultural University Latin America
 Where must niches differ, if differ they must? Spatial scaling of climatic, topographic, and soil control of distribution and performance in closely related annual plants
Vincent M. Eckhart, Grinnell College; Kevin Jennison, Grinnell College; Bonnie Kircher, Trinity University; David M. Montgomery, Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program
 Characteristics of cannibalistic morph barred tiger salamanders in a prairie pothole lake
Kyle I. McLean, North Dakota State University; David A. Renton, North Dakota State University; Dave Mushet, United States Geological Survey; Craig A. Stockwell, North Dakota State University
 Ontogenetic change in shell morphology associated with an evolutionary transition from an aquatic to a terrestrial niche in box turtles
Samantha L. Stearns, Iowa State University; Gerardo Antonio Cordero, Iowa State University; Fredric J. Janzen, Iowa State University
 Selection in candidate genes associated with drought and freezing response in live oaks (Quercus series Virentes) across a latitudinal gradient
Anne K. Beulke, University of Minnesota; Jeannine Cavender-Bares, University of Minnesota; Jeanne Romero-Severson, University of Notre Dame; Daniel Borkowski, University of Notre Dame
 Implications of climate change on genetic connectivity of isolated populations
Emily E. Hartfield Kirk, Oregon State University; Ivan C. Phillipsen, Oregon State University; David A. Lytle, Oregon State University
 The coevolutionary arms race between a gall-inducing fly Eurosta solidaginis and the parasitoid Eurytoma gigantea
Joanne Itami, University of Minnesota Duluth; Timothy Craig, University of Minnesota Duluth
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