PS 65

Thursday, August 8, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 Factors limiting the reproductive success of Phlox hirsuta, an endangered species
Laura M.S. Hancock, Christopher Newport University; Andrew Rotzin, Christopher Newport University; Candice N. Luce, Christopher Newport University; Lauren G. Ruane, Christopher Newport University
 The effects of floral neighborhood and an invasive plant on the pollination of Phacelia parryi
Daniela Bruckman, University of California, Irvine; Diane R. Campbell, University of California - Irvine
 Colony-level variation in bumble bee foraging and pollen collection across a human-altered landscape
Mustafa Saifuddin, University of Texas at Austin; Shalene Jha, University of Texas at Austin
 Influence of floral morphology on pollinator visitatation to Allionia incarnata (Nyctaginaceae)
Sarah Richman, University of Arizona; D. Lawrence Venable, University of Arizona
 Bees' use of floral resources in habitats dominated by the exotic plant Centaurea stoebe
Brendan D. Carson, Michigan State University; Ernest Delfosse, Michigan State University; Doug A. Landis, Michigan State University
 Resource requirements of wild bees in The Colorado Rocky Mountains and the Tucson Sky Islands
James Cunningham, University of Arizona; Paul J. CaraDonna, University of Arizona
 Lack of pollinators limits fruit production in commercial blueberry
Faye Benjamin, Rutgers University; Rachael Winfree, Rutgers University
 Agricultural development changes native bee community composition in Central Texas peach orchards
Sarah Cusser, University of Texas; Shalene Jha, University of Texas at Austin
 The reproductive consequences of deception in the orchid Cypripedium candidum
Ryan P. Walsh, Bowling Green State University; Helen J. Michaels, Bowling Green State University
 Ants interfere with the reproduction of oval-leaved milkweed (Asclepias ovalifolia)
Karen L. Beck, University of Minnesota and Anoka-Ramsey Community College; Kaylie Lukas, University of Minnesota; Stephanie Erlandson, University of Minnesota; Gregory Nelson, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Peter D. Wragg, University of Minnesota
 Interaction networks linking rare and invasive plant species – a double-edged sword?
Diane L. Larson, US Geological Survey; Sam Droege, U.S. Geological Survey; Paul A. Rabie, WEST, Inc.; Jelle Devalez, Aegean University; Jennifer L. Larson, Polistes Foundation; Margaret McDermott-Kubeczko, University of Minnesota; Milton Haar, Badlands National Park, National Park Service
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