PS 63
Trophic Dynamics And Interactions

Thursday, August 8, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 Analysis of a continent-wide seed dispersal network in Africa at the family level
Carrie E. Seltzer, University of Illinois at Chicago; William Wysocki, Northern Illinois University; Melissa Palacios, Roosevelt University; Norbert J. Cordeiro, Roosevelt University
 Density- and trait-mediated impacts of predators on prey and soil properties
Michael I. Sitvarin, Miami University; Ann L. Rypstra, Miami University
 Land-use type changes the belowground food-web in an arid, urban ecosystem
Karl A. Wyant, Arizona State University; Yevgeniy Marusenko, Arizona State University; Sharon Hall, Arizona State University; John L. Sabo, Arizona State University
 The effects of size structure for a top predator cascade down trophic levels in a pitcher plant community.
Andrew C. Merwin, Florida State University; Jason Cassara, Florida State University; David Hoover, Florida State University; Hannah F. Ralicki, Florida State University; Carl Saltzberg, Florida State University; Brian Inouye, Florida State University; Thomas E. Miller, Florida State University
 Does quality trump quantity? Ecosystem-level consequences of subsidies in a forested stream
Amy M. Marcarelli, Michigan Technological University; Colden V. Baxter, Idaho State University; Joseph R. Benjamin, U. S. Geological Survey; Masashi Murakami, Chiba University
 Zooplankton and regime dynamics in shallow Minnesota lakes: Are they related?
Cynthia Kuettel, Bemidji State University; Mark A. Hanson, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; Brian R. Herwig, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; Kyle D. Zimmer, University of St. Thomas; Mark R. Fulton, Bemidji State University
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