PS 70
Microbial Ecology

Thursday, August 8, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 Effect of dissolved organic matter on denitrification in lake sediments
Margaret L. Gaglione, Kent State University; Darren L. Bade, Kent State University; Laura G. Leff, Kent State University
 Long-term nitrogen deposition influences the effects and timing of soil ammonia-oxidizing bacterial responses to fire
Kristen Bergh, Western Michigan University; Jessica LM Gutknecht, Helmoltz- Centre for Environmental Research- UFZ; Kathryn Docherty, Western Michigan University
 Phylogenetic beta diversity in bacterial assemblages across ecosystems: deterministic versus stochastic processes
Jianjun Wang, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, CAS; Ji Shen Sr., Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology; Yucheng Wu, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chen Tu, Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Janne Soininen, Department of Geosciences and Geography; James C. Stegen, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Jizheng He, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Xingqi Liu, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology; Lu Zhang, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology; Enlou Zhang, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology
 Does Populus deltoides select for a unique microbiome?
Michael Robeson II, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Zamin Yang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Marilyn Kerley, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Mircea Podar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Migun Shakya, University of Tennessee; Gregory Bonito, Duke University; Gerald Tuskan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Rytas Vilgalys, Duke University; Christopher W. Schadt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
 Microbial ecology of cassava beer with indigenous inoculum
Alese M. Colehour, University of Oregon; Melissa A. Liebert, University of Oregon; Brendan J.M. Bohannan, University of Oregon; J. Josh Snodgrass, University of Oregon; Lawrence S. Sugiyama, University of Oregon
 Vaginal microbial community and risk of pre-term birth: an ecological perspective
Ai Wen, University of Michigan; Usha Srinivasan, University of Michigan School of Public Health; Deborah E. Goldberg, University of Michigan; John Owen, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Carl F. Marrs, University of Michigan School of Public Health; Dawn Misra, Wayne State University School of Medicine; Deborah A. Wing, University of California Irvine; Betsy Foxman, University of Michigan School of Public Health
 Do secondary fungal invaders influence disease severity of chestnut blight on American chestnut?
Matthew Kolp, Michigan State University; Mark Double, West Virginia University; Dennis W. Fulbright, Michigan State University; William MacDonald, West Virginia University; Andrew M. Jarosz, Michigan State University
 Plant species influence density and inhibitory phenotypes of soil Streptomyces
Laura J. Felice, University of Minnesota; Sheri C. Huerd, University of Minnesota; Ruth Dill-Macky, University of Minnesota; Nicholas R. Jordan, University of Minnesota; Linda L. Kinkel, University of Minnesota
 Relating microbial physiological performance to genome content
Nivedita Clark, Kent State University; Yemin Lan, Drexel University; Gail Rosen, Drexel University; Christopher B. Blackwood, Kent State University
 Climate warming induced permafrost thaw changes soil microbial communities
Mengting Yuan, University of Oklahoma; Jin Zhang, University of Oklahoma; Liyou Wu, University of Oklahoma; Kai Xue, University of Oklahoma; Lei Cheng, Zhejiang University; Ye Deng, University of Oklahoma; Tong Yuan, University of Oklahoma; Joy Van Nostrand, University of Oklahoma; Zhili He, University of Oklahoma; Edward A.G. Schuur, University of Florida; Yiqi Luo, University of Oklahoma; James Tiedje, Michigan State University; Jizhong Zhou, University of Oklahoma
 The effects of yogurt diet on the microbial community of the gastrointestinal tract
Daniel J. Lisko, Youngstown State University; Carl G. Johnston, Youngstown State University
 Microbial stream ecology of Latah Creek watershed, WA
Cristine Schucker, Eastern Washington University; Camille McNeely, Eastern Washington University
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