PS 39
Physiological Ecology

Wednesday, August 7, 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall B, Minneapolis Convention Center
 Does mast seeding rely on stored nitrogen reserves in Fagus crenata trees?
Qingmin Han, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute; Daisuke Kabeya, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute; Yoshiyuki Inagaki, Shikoku Research Center, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
 Leaf mechanical properties and leaf hydraulics among three life history types in California chaparral
Taylor S. Stucky, Pepperdine University; Nicole M. Rodriguez, Pepperdine University; Stephen D. Davis, Pepperdine University
 Effects of light and nutrient limitations on thermal respiratory acclimation and nocturnal dynamics of leaf dark respiration
Dylan N. Dillaway, Louisiana Tech University; Michael C. Tyree, Louisiana Tech University; John K. Jackson, Louisiana Tech University
 Assimilation of xylem-transported CO2: Effects of xylem CO2 concentration and transpiration rate
Mary Anne McGuire, University of Georgia; Jasper Bloemen, Ghent University; Doug P. Aubrey, Georgia Southern University; Robert Teskey, University of Georgia; Kathy Steppe, Ghent University
 CO2 supply and acclimation effects on photosynthetic induction response under high CO2 in Populus plants
Hajime Tomimatsu, National Institute for Environmental Studies; Yanhong Tang, National Institute for Environmental Studies
 Functional traits better correlate with wet season than dry season water potentials in a Californian chaparral plant community
Alexandria Pivovaroff, UC Riverside; Louis Santiago, University of California, Riverside
 Functional trait plasticity in globally invasive and non-invasive Rosa sp. in response to different light environments
Jennifer E. Murphy, John Carroll University; Jean H. Burns, Case Western Reserve University; Rebecca E. Drenovsky, John Carroll University
 Scaling Sphagnum photosynthesis from leaf to plot in an ecosystem level climate change experiment
Heather E. Tran, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; David J. Weston, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Jeffrey M. Warren, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Paul J. Hanson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Richard J. Norby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Joanne Childs, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Stan D. Wullschleger, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
 Ecophysiological variation of big sagebrush in common gardens: Local climate adaptation, ploidy effects, and implications for restoration practice
Matthew J. Germino, US Geological Survey; Brynne Lazarus, US Geological Survey; Bryce A. Richardson, US Forest Service; Nancy L. Shaw, USDA Forest Service
 Comparison of the LMA-height gradient in a canopy gap and closed-canopy in a sugar maple (Acer saccharum) forest
Adam P. Coble, Michigan Technological University; Molly A. Cavaleri, Michigan Technological University
 Testing the photoprotection hypothesis for foliar anthocyanin accumulation
Barry A. Logan, Bowdoin College; William C. Stafstrom, Bowdoin College; Michael J.L. Walsh, Bowdoin College; Shelagh R. Merrill, Bowdoin College; Jaret S. Reblin, Bowdoin College
 Effect of nitrogen on photosynthetic responses of Bromus tectorum
Leonardo H. Hernandez-Espinoza, University of Nevada, Reno; Robert S. Nowak, University of Nevada Reno
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