IGN 14-4
Replicating across both space and time to identify climatic drivers of demography

Thursday, August 14, 2014
313, Sacramento Convention Center
William F. Morris, Department of Biology, Duke University, Durham, NC
Daniel F. Doak, Environmental Studies Program, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Jesus Villellas, Department of Ecology and Genetics, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
As climate changes, we want to predict how populations will respond to novel environments throughout a species’ range, but we can’t wait for years of data from each population.  However, by exploiting natural variation in climate across both SPACE and TIME while accounting for site differences, including genetic differentiation in climate response, and by experimentally pushing environmental conditions beyond their  present range in the field, we can gain insight into how populations across the range will be impacted by environments that they have not yet experienced.