COS 120
Invasion: Species Interactions I

Thursday, August 14, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Bataglieri, Sheraton Hotel
1:30 PM
 Temporary enemy release: Quantifying arrival rates of exotic fungi on introduced host plants
Richard P. Duncan, University of Canberra; Benjamin A. Sikes, University of Kansas; Philip E. Hulme, Lincoln University; Peter Johnstone, Landcare Research; Jerry Cooper, Landcare Research
2:10 PM
 Long-term monitoring reveals size-specific declines in an apex predator (the freshwater crocodile Crocodylus johnstoni) following the invasion of an exotic prey species (the cane toad Rhinella marina) in Australia
Reid Tingley, The University of Melbourne; Yusuke Fukuda, Northern Territory Department of Land Resource Management; Beth Crase, National University of Singapore; Grahame Webb, Wildlife Management International Pty. Limited; Keith Saalfeld, Northern Territory Department of Land Resource Management
2:30 PM
 The enemy of my enemy is my friend: Cascading effects of biotic resistance and the creation of invasive predator free space
Brian S. Cheng, Smithsonian Environmental Reseach Center; Edwin D. Grosholz, University of California
2:50 PM
 Competitive interactions among invasive mammalian predators in New Zealand
Patrick M. Garvey, University of Auckland; Mick Clout, University of Auckland; Roger P. Pech, Landcare Research; Alistair S. Glen, Landcare Research
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Distribution, performance, and impact of stem-feeding Lipara spp., potential biological control agents of invasive Phragmites australis
Warwick Allen, Louisiana State University; Randee E. Young, Louisiana State University; Jordan R. Croy, Louisiana State University; Ganesh P. Bhattarai, Louisiana State University; Adam Lambert, University of California Santa Barbara; David Cummings, University of Rhode Island; Jack Anderson, University of Rhode Island; Laura A. Meyerson, University of Rhode Island; James T. Cronin, Louisiana State University
3:40 PM
 Plant-soil feedback in abandoned agricultural fields contributes to plant community assembly and limits successful restoration
Bridget E. Hilbig, University of California, Riverside; Edith B. Allen, University of California, Riverside
4:00 PM
 Impacts of an invasive mustard on an threatened sand dune lizard
Cameron W. Barrows, University of California
4:20 PM
 The role of insect herbivores in the interaction between Tanacetum vulgare and Solidago canadensis in a cross continental experiment
Nafiseh MahdaviArab, Technische Universität München; Sebastian T. Meyer, Technische Universität München; Robert W. Pal, University of Pecs, Faculty of Sciences; Rebecca Fletcher, The University of Montana; David U. Nagy, University of Pecs, Faculty of Sciences; Ragan M. Callaway, The University of Montana; Wolfgang W. Weisser, Technical University of Munich
4:40 PM
 Evolution by an invader abroad leads to strong costs when returned home
Robert W. Pal, University of Pecs, Faculty of Sciences; John L. Maron, The University of Montana; Lauren P. Waller, The University of Montana; Ambra Tosto, Utrecht University, Faculty of Science; David U. Nagy, University of Pecs, Faculty of Sciences; Huixuan Liao, Sun Yat-sen University; Ragan M. Callaway, The University of Montana
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