COS 49
Life History Theory And Evolution

Tuesday, August 12, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Compagno, Sheraton Hotel
1:50 PM
 Species and population-level variation in germination strategies of cold desert forbs
Sarah C. Barga, University of Nevada, Reno; Elizabeth A. Leger, University of Nevada, Reno
2:10 PM
 Maintenance of polyphenism is mediated by inter-cohort interactions
Howard H. Whiteman, Murray State University; Michael P. Moore, Murray State University; Alycia R. Lackey, Murray State University; Jacqueline M. Doyle, Purdue University; Nicole G. Gerlanc, Frederick Community College; Ashley Johnson, Murray State University; Cy Mott, Valdosta State University; Christopher Mecklin, Murray State University; Morgan Geile, Murray State University; Christopher Eden, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; Christian Brown, Murray State University; Adam Kiser, Murray State University; Jeffrey Young, Murray State University
2:30 PM Cancelled
 Transgenerational plasticity depends on the cue
Santiago Salinas, University of California Santa Cruz; Simon C. Brown, University of California Santa Cruz; Marc Mangel, University of California at Santa Cruz; Stephan B. Munch, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
2:50 PM
 Simultaneous evaluation of pre- and post-metamorphic risk determines flexible timing of emergence and duration of metamorphosis in red-eyed treefrogs
Justin C. Touchon, Vassar College; Michael McCoy, East Carolina University; Tobias Landberg, Arcadia University; James R. Vonesh, Virginia Commonwealth University; Karen M. Warkentin, Boston University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM Cancelled
 Effects of whole-plant age on photosynthetic traits in a perennial grass
Nikhil S. Jaikumar, University of Illinois; Sieglinde Snapp, Michigan State University; Thomas D. Sharkey, Michigan State University
3:40 PM
 Intraspecific variation in resource sensitivity and dormancy investment influences population persistence in a facultative parthenogen, Daphnia pulicaria
John Williams Crawford, University of Illinois; Matthew Schrader, University of Cambridge; Spencer R. Hall, Indiana University; Carla E. Cáceres, University of Illinois
4:00 PM
 Maternal investment mediates offspring life history variation with context-dependent fitness consequences in an amphibian
Michael P. Moore, Murray State University; Tobias Landberg, Arcadia University; Howard H. Whiteman, Murray State University
4:20 PM
 Ground squirrels manipulate offspring sex in response to local population density
Caitlin P. Wells, University of California, Davis; Dirk Van Vuren, University of California, Davis
4:40 PM
 Cohort splitting: Mechanisms modeled, relevance revealed
Philip H. Crowley, University of Kentucky; Kevin R. Hopper, Bluegrass Community and Technical College
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