COS 137
Invasion: Species Interactions II

Friday, August 15, 2014: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
Carmel AB, Hyatt Regency Hotel
8:00 AM
 When African clawed frogs invade: Indirect interactions between native and invasive amphibians
Emily A. Wilson, UCSB; Cheryl J. Briggs, University of California, Santa Barbara; Tom L. Dudley, University of California, Santa Barbara
8:20 AM Cancelled
 Gringoes bajo el bosque: Coinvasions by ectomycorrhizal fungi and Pinaceae species in Patagonia
Jeremy Hayward, SUNY-Syracuse; Thomas R. Horton, State University of New York - College of Environmental Science and Forestry; Aníbal Pauchard, Universidad de Concepción, Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad (IEB); Guillermo C. Amico, INIBIOMA, CONICET-Universidad Nacional del Comahue; Romina D. Dimarco, INTA-CONICET; Noelia Barrios-Garcia, University of Tennessee,; Daniel Simberloff, The University of Tennessee; Martin A. Nuñez, INIBIOMA-Universidad del Comahue, CONICET
8:40 AM
 Soil seed pathogens: Initial and persistent inhibitors of plant naturalization in Pacific Northwest steppe and forest
Brian M. Connolly, University of Wisconsin; Lori M. Carris, Washington State University; Richard N. Mack, Washington State University
9:00 AM
 Preferential consumption of fertile fronds by Neomusotima conspurcatalis on Lygodium microphyllum: Reducing propagule pressure of Florida's worst weed
Melissa C. Smith, USDA-ARS; Ellen C. Lake, USDA-ARS; Gloria Witkus, United States Department of Agriculture; Paul D. Pratt, United States Department of Agriculture
9:20 AM
 Eco-evolutionary feedback during range expansions
Kirill Korolev, Boston University; Manoshi Datta, MIT; Jeff Gore, MIT
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Host-promiscuity in symbiont associations can influence legume establishment and colonization of novel ranges
Metha M. Klock, Louisiana State University; Kyle E. Harms, Louisiana State University; Peter H. Thrall, CSIRO Agriculture Flagship; Luke G. Barrett, CSIRO Agriculture Flagship
10:10 AM
 Response of wild caught American bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus) to different strains of the fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis
Jenny Urbina, Oregon State University; Tiffany Garcia, Oregon State University; Andrew R. Blaustein, Oregon State University
10:30 AM
 Unlocking the mechanisms behind legume invasions: Are rhizobial mutualists the key?
Kimberly J. La Pierre, UC Berkeley; Stephanie Porter, University of California, Berkeley; Ellen Simms, University of California Berkeley
10:50 AM
 Living on “leftovers”: Effects of simulated grazing on the soil moisture niche of two late season grassland weeds
Kevin J. Rice, University of California Davis; Carolyn M. Malmstrom, Michigan State University; Valerie T. Eviner, University of California Davis
11:10 AM
 Apparent competition between native and exotic genotypes of Phragmites australis in North America
Ganesh P. Bhattarai, Louisiana State University; James T. Cronin, Louisiana State University
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