COS 14
Physiological Ecology I

Monday, August 11, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Bataglieri, Sheraton Hotel
1:30 PM
 Mechanisms of air removal during xylem vessel refilling in plants
H. Jochen Schenk, California State University Fullerton; Donald D. Quick, California State University Fullerton; Sarah D. Taylor-Laine, California State University Fullerton; Susana Espino, California State University Fullerton
1:50 PM
 Comparative reproductive biology in contrasting wet and dry environments in a group of Neotropical livebearers (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae)
Adeljean L.F.C. Ho, Florida Institute of Technology; Junda Lin, Florida Institute of Technology
2:10 PM
 Ontogeny influences sensitivity to climate change stressors in an endangered fish strongly tied to California conservation
Lisa M. Komoroske, University of California, Davis; Richard Connon, University of California, Davis; Joan Lindberg, University of California Davis; Brian S. Cheng, Smithsonian Environmental Reseach Center; Gonzalo Castillo, United States Fish and Wildlife Service; Matthias Hasenbein, University of California, Davis; Nann A. Fangue, University of California, Davis
2:30 PM
 Controls on water use efficiency in mesic forests across North America: Insight from foliar δ13C, δ18O and N
Rossella Guerrieri, University of New Hampshire; Lucie Lepine, University of New Hampshire; Zaixing Zhou, University of New Hampshire; Andrew P. Ouimette, University of New Hampshire; Heidi Asbjornsen, University of New Hampshire; Scott Ollinger, University of New Hampshire
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Carbon assimilation and mortality during drought in tree species with different stomatal sensitivities
Alice A. Broadhead, North Carolina State University; William A. Hoffmann, North Carolina State University
3:40 PM
 Blood profiles for the Western Pond Turtle (Emys marmorata) from two Northern California habitats: Baselines from a nature reserve and comparison to a population at a wastewater treatment facility
Ninette R. Daniele, California State University, Chico; Jada-Simone S. White, California State University, Chico; Michael W. Castillio, California State University, Chico; Tag N. Engstrom, California State University, Chico
4:00 PM
 Physiological novelty in the evolution of flowers
Adam B. Roddy, Yale University; C. Matt Guilliams, University of California, Berkeley; Paul V.A. Fine, University of California, Berkeley; Todd Dawson, University of California, Berkeley
4:20 PM
 Variation in foliage morphology and physiology along vertical and geographic gradients in coast redwood and giant sequoia trees
Anthony R. Ambrose, University of California; Wendy L. Baxter, University of California; Christopher S. Wong, University of California; Todd E. Dawson, University of California Berkeley
4:40 PM
 Metabolic supply versus demand: direct and indirect effects of climate change in littoral Lake Tanganyika
Yvonne Vadeboncoeur, Wright State University; Lesley Y. Kim, Wright State University; Renalda Munubi, Wright State University; Benjamin M. Kraemer, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Peter B. McIntyre, University of Wisconsin
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