COS 35
Trophic Dynamics And Interactions

Tuesday, August 12, 2014: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
315, Sacramento Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Bottom-up effects of plant genetic variation on virus transmission dynamics between an insect host and its pathogen
Forrest P. Dillemuth, Louisiana State University; Miguel A. Acevedo, Louisiana State University; Bret D. Elderd, Louisiana State University
8:20 AM
 MixSIAR: Advanced stable isotope mixing models in R
Brian C. Stock, UC San Diego; Brice X. Semmens, UC San Diego; Eric J. Ward, Northwest Fisheries Science Center; Jonathan W. Moore, Simon Fraser University; Andrew Parnell, University College, Dublin; Andrew L. Jackson, Trinity College Dublin; Donald L. Phillips, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Stuart Bearhop, University of Exeter Cornwall; Richard Inger, Environment and Sustainability Institute
8:40 AM
 Trophically transmitted parasites in size-structured predator-prey systems
Anieke Van Leeuwen, Princeton University; Andy Dobson, Princeton University; Ryan Hechinger, UC Santa Barbara; Kevin D. Lafferty, USGS Western Ecological Research Center
9:00 AM
 Idiosyncratic effects of gray wolf-induced trophic cascades on ecosystem carbon cycling
Chris Wilmers, University of California, Santa Cruz; Oswald Schmitz, Yale University
9:20 AM
 Implications of resource driven size-structure for population stability and sustainable harvest
Amanda L. Caskenette, University of Guelph; Kevin S. McCann, University of Guelph; Joseph Rasmussen, University of Lethbridge
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Trait-mediated indirect effects in a natural tidepool system
Sarah A. Gravem, University of California Davis; Steven G. Morgan, University of California Davis
10:10 AM
 Water-mediated trophic cascades in a riparian forest
Kevin E. McCluney, Bowling Green State University; John L. Sabo, Arizona State University
10:30 AM
 Identity trumps diversity in determining the effects of a tropical marine herbivore community
Levi S. Lewis, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Jennifer E. Smith, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
11:10 AM
 The influence of nutrient inputs and habitat isolation on consumer-resource interactions in seagrass
Elizabeth W. Rielly, Temple University; Amy L. Freestone, Temple University
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