Aquatic Ecology I

Monday, August 11, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
301, Sacramento Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Globalization and the commercial harvest of snapping turtles in the Mid-Atlantic: International export, harvest pressure, and regulatory strategies
Benjamin Colteaux, Virginia Commonwealth University; Derek Johnson, Virginia Commonwealth University
1:50 PM
 Limitation and landcover: Nutrient status and limitation within tributaries of two major Southeast Asian Rivers
Aaron A. Koning, University of Wisconsin; Peter B. McIntyre, University of Wisconsin
2:10 PM
 The status and dynamics of water quality attributes of the three river estuaries in the Gulf of Guinea (Nigeria)
Mandu A. Essien-Ibok, University of Uyo; Imaobong a. Ekpo, University of Uyo; Anthony a. Akpan, University of Uyo
2:30 PM
 Assessing environmental impact on aquatic macrophyte species structure in a near coastal tropical river in Nigeria
Imaobong E. Ekpo, University of Uyo; Mandu A. Essien-Ibok, University of Uyo; Lawrencia E. Udosen, Minime Schools
2:50 PM
 Life history portfolios within salmon populations: When do different outmigration phenotypes contribute?
Anna M. Sturrock, University of California, Berkeley; Stephanie M. Carlson, University of California, Berkeley; J.D. Wikert, US Fish & Wildlife Service; Tim Heyne, California Department of Fish and Wildlife; Rachel C. Johnson, University of California, Davis
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Influence of land change on stream fish communities resampled after 15 years
Kristina M. Cervantes-Yoshida, University of California, Berkeley; Robert A. Leidy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Stephanie M. Carlson, University of California, Berkeley
3:40 PM
 On death and drying: The effects of summer drought on fish mortality in an intermittent stream
Jason L. Hwan, University of California, Berkeley; Stephanie M. Carlson, University of California, Berkeley
4:00 PM
 Ecosystem response to spawning bed enhancement in a Yuba River tributary in Northern California
Justin Wood, Sierra Streams Institute; Rachel M. Durben, Sierra Streams Institute; Jeff D. Lauder, California State University, Chico
4:20 PM
 Patterns of spring Chinook salmon prespawn mortality within the Columbia River Basin
Tracy Bowerman, University of Idaho; Matthew L. Keefer, University of Idaho; Christopher C. Caudill, University of Idaho
4:40 PM
 Changes in cyanotoxin concentrations from benthic cyanobacteria over space and time in a California river
Keith Bouma-Gregson, University of California, Berkeley; Rex L. Lowe, University of Michigan; Mary E. Power, University of California Berkeley; Paula C. Furey, St. Catherine University; Jill R. Welter, St. Catherine University; Raphael Kudela, University of California Santa Cruz
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