COS 108
Arctic, Alpine, Antarctic Systems

Thursday, August 14, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
301, Sacramento Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Using a metric of physiological stress to characterize favorable microclimates in an alpine indicator species
Jennifer Wilkening, University of Colorado; Chris Ray, University of Colorado; Johanna Varner, University of Utah
1:50 PM
 Ecological and genetic causes of female-biased sex ratios in dwarf willows
Andrés J. Cortés, University of Uppsala; Xiaodong Liu, University of Uppsala; Christian Lexer, University of Fribourg; Janosch Sedlacek, University of Konstanz; Julia A. Wheeler, WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF; Sophie Karrenberg, University of Uppsala
2:10 PM
 Hydrologic controls on stream microbial mat abundance over two decades in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Tyler J. Kohler, University of Colorado; Lee F. Stanish, University of Colorado; Steven W. Crisp, University of Colorado; Joshua C. Koch, U.S. Geological Survey; Daniel Liptzin, University of Colorado; Jenny L. Baeseman, University of Alaska; Diane M. McKnight, University of Colorado
2:30 PM
 Beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) summer habitat associations in the Nelson River estuary, Western Hudson Bay
Alexander J. Smith, ENVIRON International Corp.; Pierre Richard, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Jack Orr, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Jeff Higdon, Higdon Wildlife Consulting; Warren Bernhardt, North/South Consultants Inc. Aquatic Environment Specialists; Steven H. Ferguson, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
2:50 PM
 Life stage filters on conifer encroachment into subalpine meadows in the central Sierra Nevada, California
Kaitlin C. Lubetkin, Univeristy of California at Merced; Anthony Westerling, University of California, Merced; Lara Kueppers, University of California Merced
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 The structure of the boundary layer and its effect on tree temperatures at treeline
Miroslav Kummel, Colorado College; Matt Zia, Colorado College
3:40 PM Cancelled
 Invasive pathogen alters facilitation interactions at treeline: Potential implications for response to climate change
Diana F. Tomback, University of Colorado Denver; Lynn M. Resler, Virginia Tech; George P. Malanson, University of Iowa; Emily K. Smith-McKenna, Virginia Tech; Sarah C. Blakeslee, University of Colorado Denver; Jill C. Pyatt, University of Colorado Denver
4:00 PM
 Threshold responses to cold and drought in tree seedlings vary among species at and above alpine treeline, but can they help explain establishment patterns?
Brynne Lazarus, US Geological Survey; Matthew J. Germino, US Geological Survey; Lara M. Kueppers, University of California, Merced; Cristina Castanha, Berkeley Lab; Andrew B. Moyes, University of California, Merced
4:20 PM
 Introduced Rangifer alter above and belowground ecosystem processes in maritime-tundra on sub-arctic islands
Mark A. Ricca, Western Ecological Research Center; Valerie T. Eviner, University of California Davis; A. Keith MIles, Western Ecological Research Center; Dirk Van Vuren, University of California, Davis
4:40 PM
 Cascading effects of animal disturbances to moss and lichen communities on soil characteristics in northeastern Siberia
Aaron White, University of Texas at Brownsville; Heather D. Alexander, University of Texas at Brownsville; Kenneth Pruitt, University of Texas at Brownsville; Michael M. Loranty, Colgate University
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