COS 78
Disease And Epidemiology IV

Wednesday, August 13, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Regency Blrm C, Hyatt Regency Hotel
1:30 PM
 Epidemiological models reproduce regular insect outbreaks
Hedvig Nenzen, University of Quebec at Montréal; Elise Filotas, TÉLUQ, Université du Québec; Pedro R. Peres-Neto, University of Quebec at Montreal; Dominique Gravel, Université du Québec à Rimouski
1:50 PM
 Using temperature to predict mosquito population dynamics and malaria risk in a changing climate
Lindsay M. Beck-Johnson, Colorado State University; William A. Nelson, Queen's University; Krijn P. Paaijmans, CRESIB; Barcelona Centre for International Health Research; Matthew B. Thomas, Penn State University; Andrew F. Read, Penn State University; Ottar N. Bjørnstad, The Pennsylvania State University
2:10 PM
 Linking immune responses to disease dynamics in the wild: Bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer)
Erin E. Gorsich, Colorado State University; Rampal S. Etienne, University of Groningen; Vanessa O. Ezenwa, University of Georgia; Brianna Beechler, Oregon State University; Anna E. Jolles, Oregon State University
2:30 PM
 Infectious disease dynamics and climate forcing in a megacity of the developing world: rotavirus as a case study
Pamela P. Martinez, University of Michigan; Aaron A. King, University of Michigan; Mercedes Pascual, University of Michigan,Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Santa Fe Institute
2:50 PM
 The dilution effect among competing, evolving hosts: Doomed by resource competition but rescued by rapid evolution
Alex T. Strauss, Indiana University; Marta S. Shocket, Indiana University; Jessica L. Hite, Indiana University; Sarah A. Duple, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Carla E. Cáceres, University of Illinois; Meghan A. Duffy, University of Michigan; Spencer R. Hall, Indiana University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Within-host parasite dynamics may scale infection dynamics in natural population
Suma Ghosh, The Pennsylvania State University; Matthew Ferrari, Penn State University; Ash Pathak, The Pennsylvania State University; Isabella M. Cattadori, Penn State University
3:40 PM
 Seasonal patterns of hormones, macroparasites, and microparasites in wild African ungulates: The interplay between stress, reproduction, and disease
Carrie A. Cizauskas, Princeton University; Wendy C. Turner, University of Oslo; Neville Pitts, University of the Witwatersrand; Wayne M. Getz, University of California at Berkeley
4:00 PM
 Heterogeneity in contact rates leads to explosive amplification of white-nose syndrome in bats
Joseph Hoyt, University of California, Santa Cruz; Kate E. Langwig, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Winifred F. Frick, University of California, Santa Cruz; A. Marm Kilpatrick, University of California, Santa Cruz
4:20 PM
 Evaluating agrochemical contributions to increased intermediate host density and infection prevalence of schistosome parasites
Neal T. Halstead, University of South Florida; Jenise M. Brown, University of South Florida; Jeremy M. Cohen, University of South Florida; Steve A. Johnson, University of Florida; Monica McGarrity, University of Florida; Taegan A. McMahon, University of Tampa; Nicole Ortega, University of South Florida; Kristin Parker, University of South Florida; Thomas R. Raffel, Oakland University; Brittany F. Sears, University of South Florida; Matthew D. Venesky, Allegheny College; Jason R. Rohr, University of South Florida
4:40 PM
 Restoring native crustacean predators offers transmission control for a neglected tropical disease, schistosomiasis, in Africa
Susanne H. Sokolow, Stanford University; Giulio DeLeo, Stanford University; Nicolas Jouanard, 20|20 Initiative Inc, 501c3; Michael Hsieh, Stanford University; Gilles Riveau, Centre Espoir pour la Santé; Elizabeth Huttinger, 20|20 Initiative Inc, 501c3
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