PS 11
Education: Research And Assessment

Monday, August 11, 2014: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Sacramento Convention Center
 Understanding how undergraduate thesis writing impacts learning across disciplines
Jason Dowd, Duke University; Robert Thompson Jr., Duke University; Julie A. Reynolds, Duke University
 Energizing high school science education through a focus on food systems
Sarah M. Collier, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Gail M. Kraus, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Molly Jahn, University of Wisconsin
 Classroom alignment does not aid in students’ higher-order cognitive skills
Craig Russell Young, Utah Valley University; Jared V. Keetch, Utah Valley University; Skylar M. Larsen, Utah Valley University; Brayden R. Mollner, Utah Valley University; Emily A. Holt, Utah Valley University
 Farms on campus: Strong stakeholder support for an educational garden at a non-land-grant university
Gina M. Bacigalupi, San José State University; Rachel O'Malley, San Jose State University; Ellen L. Woodard, California State University, East Bay
 Atriplex canescens evaluation bush for 30 years of exclusion and grazing in different seasons in northern Mexico
Eliseo Suarez, Autonomous Agrarian University Antonio Narro; Jose DueÑez, Autonomous Agrarian University Antonio Narro; Jesus Vazquez, Autonomous Agrarian University Antonio Narro
 The future of ecology: ESA-SEEDS program impact on alumni
Frederick Abbott, Ecological Society of America; Teresa Mourad, Ecological Society of America; Amy McNulty, Formative Evaluation and Research Associates; Desiree Liwosz, Formative Evaluation Research Associates (FERA); Julie A. Reynolds, Duke University; Mark W. Brunson, Utah State University; Karin Tice, Formative Evaluation Research Associates (FERA)
 Using JournalMap to improve ecological knowledge discovery and visualization
Jeffrey Gillan, USDA ARS Jornada Experimental Range; Jason W. Karl, USDA Agricultural Research Service
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