PS 45

Thursday, August 14, 2014: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Sacramento Convention Center
 The relationship between root foraging precision and other plant functional traits in heterogeneous soil
Kelsey E. Garlick, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; Tara K. Rajaniemi, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
 Behavioral traits of anemonefish affect the anemone – anemonefish mutualism
Philip F. P. Schmiege, Boston University; Peter Buston, Boston University
 A tail of two color morphs: Predation rates and tail autotomization in two color morphs of Plethodon cinereus
Eric B. Liebgold, Salisbury University; Eric G. Kalin, Salisbury University; Alexa H. Grant, Salisbury University; Jared T. Lausen, Salisbury University; Margaret A. Chaney, Salisbury University; Michelle L. Schreiber, Salisbury University; Tami S. Ransom, Salisbury University
 Oviposition patterns and parasitism of the bog buckmoth, a rare inhabitant of New York peatlands
Karen Rachel Sime, State University of New York at Oswego; C. Eric Hellquist, SUNY-Oswego
 Quantifying variation in individual reaction norms: a practical guide and power analysis for GLMM
Morgan Kain, East Carolina University; Michael McCoy, East Carolina University; Benjamin Bolker, McMaster University
 Does personality affect the exploration stage of juvenile dispersal in a fossorial rodent (Tamias dorsalis)?
Allyssa L. Kilanowski, University of Arizona; John L. Koprowski, University of Arizona
 Cooperation during parental care in birds: Climate, sexual selection, and social environment
Vladimir Remes, Palacky University; Rob P. Freckleton, University of Sheffield; Jacint Tokolyi, University of Debrecen; Andras Liker, University of Pannonia; Tamas Szekely, University of Bath
 A diffuse coalition of the unwilling: Group size effects on social structure in yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris)
Adriana A. Maldonado-Chaparro, University of California; Lilah Hubbard, University of California; Daniel T. Blumstein, University of California
 Separating pollinator constancy into flowers and rewards: A new look at an old phenomenon
Jacob S. Francis, University of Nevada Reno; Felicity Muth, University of Nevada Reno; Daniel R. Papaj, University of Arizona; Anne S. Leonard, University of Nevada Reno
 The effects of sub-lethal neonicotinoid pesticide exposure on pollination-relevant bee foraging behavior
Carolyn A. Ayers, Emory University; Emily Dobbs, Emory University; Berry J. Brosi, Emory University
 Patterns of change in population density experienced by dispersing brush mice (Peromyscus boylii)
Christopher M. Wojan, New Mexico State University; Shannon Knapp, New Mexico State University; Karen E. Mabry, New Mexico State University
 Impacts of density, proximity, and spatial clustering of residential development on puma prey composition
Justine A. Smith, University of California, Santa Cruz; Chris Wilmers, University of California, Santa Cruz
 Quantifying the movement and habitat use of native sunfishes in response to seasonal hydrological variation in the Everglades
Gregory J. Hill, Florida International University; Jennifer S. Rehage, Florida International University; Amartya K. Saha, Florida International University; Mark Cook, South Florida Water Management District; Eric Cline, South Florida Water Management District
 Earthworm presence and potential impact on soil seed banks in northeastern Ohio forests
Michael N. Melampy, Baldwin-Wallace University; Gage K. Durkin, Baldwin-Wallace University; Sara N. Mansbach, Baldwin-Wallace University
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