Partnering With Community Colleges In Encouraging Future Ecologists

Monday, August 11, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
204, Sacramento Convention Center
Carmen R. Cid, Quinebaug Valley Community College
Carolyn L. Thomas, Ferrum College
Bob R. Pohlad, Ferrum College
In collaboration with the ESA Education section, we propose an organized oral session that highlights different aspects of the roles that ecologists can play in partnering with community colleges to improve local understanding of ecological principles and enhance the diversity of cultural perspectives in students studying ecology. The purpose of this session is to provide a successful blueprint for ESA members in their regions to expand their educational improvement of regional environmental literacy and diversify the student population pursuing careers in ecology. This oral session will showcase various ways in which the ESA membership and national environmental organizations are engaging community college students, educators and the regional public in hands-on study, teaching and learning of ecology. The session starts with an overview of the typical community college environmental curriculum, designed to enhance service-learning opportunities and provide case studies of their community environmental literacy projects. Presenters then provide examples of the type of professional development programs that are addressing the needs of community college faculty in updating their teaching of current and emerging ecological issues of concern, such as climate change, sustainability and environmental justice. Current ESA members who are former community college students now in graduate ecology programs or current community college administrators will provide guidance on best practices for engaging students from underrepresented groups in the study of ecology, through community college partnerships. Community college programs showcased will provide the current national picture in ecology education for the states of VT, CT, VA, MN and CA as well as national partnerships for improving ecology education outreach for environmental topics of major societal concern.
1:30 PM
 The importance of ecology education at a community college
Jeanie Williams, Community College of Vermont; Heather Fitzgerald, Community College of Vermont
1:50 PM
 The community college's role in involving students and the community in environmental science, stewardship and sustainability: A case study - safe passage for Coyote Valley
Marina L. Chiarappa-Zucca, De Anza Community College; Dave Deppen, De Anza Community College; Patricia Cornely, De Anza Community College; Neela Srinivasan, De Anza Community College; Ryan Phillips, De Anza Community College; Deborah Aso, De Anza Community College; Wendy Lao, De Anza Community College; Julie Phillips, De Anza Community College
2:10 PM Cancelled
 Involving undergraduate students in ecological research: Examples from community colleges and the liberal arts
Alexandra J. Wright, Bard College; Jeffrey R. Corney, University of Minnesota; Mary A. Spivey, University of Minnesota
2:30 PM
 Building educational partnerships in the San Diego, CA, region to assess and improve environmental and scientific literacy
Kathy S. Williams, San Diego State University; Brock S. Allen, San Diego State University; Stephen A. Schellenberg, San Diego State University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Enhancing climate change curriculum at tribal community colleges through partnership and collaboration
David Blockstein, National Council for Science and Environment; Teresa L. Newberry, Tohono O'odham Community College
3:40 PM
 How community colleges hold the key to nurturing veterans toward ecological sciences and a life in academia
Rafael Valentin, Rutgers University; Julie L. Lockwood, Rutgers University