WK 32
Linking Science and Public Policy: Strategies to Engage in Policy Change and Communicate with Policy Makers

Tuesday, August 12, 2014: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
204, Sacramento Convention Center
Valerie T. Eviner, University of California Davis
Terence Houston, Ecological Society of America; and Renata Brillinger, California Climate Agriculture Network
Resource Media, Resource Media; Renata Brillinger, California Climate Agriculture Network; and Terence Houston, Ecological Society of America
Conveying the results of your scientific research to legislators and government agencies can help influence policy – but only if you know how to engage and communicate effectively. This workshop will provide concepts and tools to apply your research to environmental issues. The workshop will begin with a brief review of the multiple ways to get involved in policy- from working with local and state legislators in drafting policy to providing public comment on federal policies. Most of the workshop will focus on effective communication strategies with policy makers. Using discussion, role playing, and individual exercises, we will explore the challenges of translating your scientific findings to policymakers and advocates, and will offer some tools for improving your communications skills.

 Desired outcomes for the workshop include:

  • To improve ability of scientists to communicate their knowledge
  • To better equip scientists to balance scientific uncertainty with definitive statements that translate to management practices

 The workshop is designed and delivered by professionals who link science and policy, including:

  • California Climate and Agriculture Network, a non-profit that advances policies to support sustainable agriculture in the face of climate change
  • Resource Media, a non-profit public relations firm that specializes in providing communication services to aid conservation policy
  • A California legislative aid involved in environmental policy development
  • ESA’s Public Affairs Office, which works to inform the ecological community of opportunities to engage in public policy and the media.

 These speakers will share their first-hand experiences of the successes and failures of developing environmental policy based on science.

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