Tools for Working with Ecological Data

Tuesday, August 12, 2014: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
313, Sacramento Convention Center
William Michener, University of New Mexico
Amber Budden, DataONE, University of New Mexico
William Michener, University of New Mexico
There are a vast number of open source tools and resources to support researchers in the discovery, management, analysis and preservation of ecological data. Selection of task specific software often requires extensive searches within databases, institutional resources or online. Consequently, many users favor tools adopted by their peers though recognising that users vary extensively in their familiarity, technical abilities and preferences. In this session we will expose researchers to a suite of tools that support them in their data management needs across all stages of the Data Life Cycle. The tools highlighted are all open source and range from web-based services that support planning for data management (DMPTool) and the discovery of ecological data (ONEMercury) to analytical and workflow tools such as R and Kepler. Each of the presentations will be led by individuals who are strongly associated with the tool development or have a professional role in training others. In 5 minutes we aim to provide sufficient information to ignite interest and exploration by participants and to spark a discussion that extends beyond the tools presented to a broader conversation about other resources available to researchers.
 Data discovery using ONEMercury
William Michener, University of New Mexico
 Navigating the DataONE best practices database
Amber Budden, DataONE, University of New Mexico
 DataShare: An open source data curation platform for repositories
Carly Strasser, University of California Office of the President
 Creating superior data management plans with the¬†DMPTool
Patricia Cruse, University of California - California Digital Library
 ONEDrive: Your view from a world of data
Dave Vieglais, University of Kansas
 Using tools to tell the story of your data
Viv Hutchison, US Geological Survey
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