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From Studying to Shaping Land: A Workshop Bridging Ecology with Design Performance Objectives

Wednesday, August 13, 2014: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
104, Sacramento Convention Center
Alexander J. Felson, Yale University
Timothy Carter, Butler University; and Dr. Emilie K. Stander, US Agency for International Development
To operationalize earth stewardship in urbanized areas, ecologists will need to make their contributions intelligible todesigners, planners and engineers shaping the built and natural environment. The design process can be difficult for scientists to engage with, given its multifaceted, iterative, and nonlinear nature. However, scientists have much to contribute, particularly in the development appropriate performance metrics for achieving high quality, ecologically functioning designed landscapes.

The session will focus on assessment of high performing landscapes and how ecologists can contribute to measuring the environmental, economic and social outcomes of proposed design alternatives. A measurement of performance metrics often relies on available biological information and limited monitoring; rarely is hypothesis-driven research considered. For urban areas, it is also necessary to recognize that ecological information is just one piece of the overall shaping urban systems.  In this session ecologists will use the case study of the American River Parkway to explore ways of extending the scope and rigor of a leading international program, the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s (LAF’s) Landscape Performance Series, to monitor and evaluate landscape solutions. In the workshop we will apply content and tools from the Landscape Performance Series and we will discuss metrics, methods and data sources.

The discussion is intended to introduce students and researchers to roles and contributions ecologists can make to the design and planning process.  LAF is also interested in identifying peer-review experts in targeted ecological areas to contribute overtime to the Landscape Performance Series program.

This workshop is part of the 2014 Earth Stewardship Initiative. 

For more information visit www.EarthStewardshipESA2014.com

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