WK 43
Making the Transition: Non-Academic Employment Opportunities for Postdocs and PhDs

Thursday, August 14, 2014: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
314, Sacramento Convention Center
Andrew P. Rayburn, River Partners
Gwynn Benner, University of California Davis
Due to competition for academic positions and an increasing awareness that many challenging and fulfilling jobs are available outside of the traditional academic sector, many postdocs and senior graduate students are pursuing non-academic employment. This workshop is designed to explore these opportunities by bringing together non-academic employers, support staff from the University of California Davis, and both current and former postdocs and graduate students in a brown bag format. Leadership staff from a diverse range of non-academic, ecology-focused employers will present and participate in a panel discussion, including non-profits, private-sector consulting firms, and both state and federal agencies. These representatives will be joined by experienced staff from the UC Davis Internship and Career Center and UC Davis Graduate Studies, who will highlight resources and strategies for postdocs and senior graduate students seeking non-academic employment. Also participating will be former postdocs and graduate students who have made a successful transition to non-academic employment. This event is one component of a two-part workshop that integrates presentations and panel discussions to highlight strategies for postdocs and senior graduate students to transition to full-time employment. This workshop focuses on non-academic careers, while the other brown bag workshop focuses on academic careers. Both workshops dovetail with ESA’s increasing focus on supporting the career advancement of graduate students and postdocs. Attendance of either event is free.

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