COS 84
Modeling: Communities, Disturbance, Succession I

Wednesday, August 13, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Bataglieri, Sheraton Hotel
1:30 PM
 Modeling change in maximum growing space under projected climate scenarios in the Central Hardwood Forest using an ecosystem process model
Jacob S. Fraser, University of Missouri; Hong S. He, University of Missouri; Frank R. Thompson III, USDA Forest Service; William D. Dijak, University of Missouri-Columbia; Brice B. Hanberry, USDA Forest Service; Wen J. Wang, University of Missouri
1:50 PM
 Linking multidimensional functional diversity to ecological theory: A graphical hypothesis-generating framework
Kate S. Boersma, University of San Diego; Laura Dee, University of California, Santa Barbara; Steve Miller, University of California, Santa Barbara; Michael T. Bogan, University of California, Berkeley; Alix I. Gitelman, Oregon State University; David A. Lytle, Oregon State University
2:10 PM
 Stand to landscape level ANPP: Using tree-cores and disturbances to model forest growth patterns
Alec M. Kretchun, Portland State University; Louise Loudermilk, USDA Forest Service; Robert M. Scheller, Portland State University; Matthew D. Hurteau, Pennsylvania State University; Soumaya Belmecheri, University of Arizona
2:30 PM
 Carbon and nitrogen dynamics under alternative climate change and management scenarios in the Oregon Coast Range
Megan K. Creutzburg, Portland State University; Robert Scheller, Portland State University; Melissa S. Lucash, Portland State University; Stephen D. LeDuc, US Environmental Protection Agency; Mark G. Johnson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2:50 PM
 Exploring food-web structure with latent traits models
Rudolf P. Rohr, University of Fribourg; Russell E. Naisbit, University of Fribourg; Christian Mazza, University of Fribourg; Louis-FĂ©lix Bersier, University of Fribourg
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Global controls on the distribution of savannas: impacts of discrete and continuous environmental factors
Brian Beckage, The University of Vermont; Gabriela Bucini, University of Vermont; Louis J. Gross, University of Tennessee
3:40 PM
 Local human impacts decouple and alter biophysical relationships on Pacific coral reefs
Gareth J. Williams, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Jamison M. Gove, NOAA Fisheries, Pacific Islands Fisheries & Inouye Regional Center; Yoan Eynaud, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Brian J. Zgliczynski, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Stuart A. Sandin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
4:00 PM
 Niche overlap predicts the magnitude of the indirect effects of environmental change in a mechanistic resource competition model
Andrew R. Kleinhesselink, Utah State University; Peter B. Adler, Utah State University
4:20 PM
 Disturbance ecology meets macroecology: A new method for cross-system comparisons of ecosystems in transition
Erica A. Newman, University of California, Berkeley; Mark Wilber, University of California, Santa Barbara; John Harte, University of California
4:40 PM
 Colonization alters community structure by modulating food web interactions
Ashkaan K. Fahimipour, University of Oregon, Eugene; Kurt E. Anderson, University of California, Riverside
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