SYMP 6-3
Scientific Integrity at the U.S. EPA

Tuesday, August 11, 2015: 9:00 AM
309, Baltimore Convention Center
Francesca T. Grifo, Office of the Science Advisor, Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC
Background/Question/Methods The Environmental Protection Agency released its Scientific Integrity Policy in February of 2012. The Policy emphasizes the importance of a culture of scientific integrity, the timely release of scientific products, the importance of peer review and the professional development of EPA scientists. THe Policy is implemented by a Scientific Integrity Official and a Scientific Integrity Committee who champion scientific integrity across the Agency.

The implementation of the policy has focused on ensuring the work of the Agency is based on robust science, transparency within scientific processes and open accurate, timely communication of science, public trust in Agency science, and scientists being able to do their best work. Specific initiatives have focused on developing procedures for reporting and resolving allegations of a loss of scientific integrity, outreach and training of Agency scientists on the content of the Scientific Integrity Policy, reducing confusion around publication authorship, increasing transparency, and nurturing a robust culture of scientific discourse.

Results/Conclusions While federal Agency science is often born and raised in a political atmosphere, this does not mean that research results are under siege. What it does mean is that EPA, its contractors, grantees, and collaborators understand scientific integrity and are vigilant against political interference in EPA science.