OOS 40
ESA Vice Presidents’ Centennial Session: Frontiers in Science, Education, Management, and Policy to Address Pressing Environmental Issues

Wednesday, August 12, 2015: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
317, Baltimore Convention Center
Julie A. Reynolds, Duke University
Sharon K. Collinge, University of Colorado; Scott L. Collins, University of New Mexico; and Valerie T. Eviner, University of California Davis
Scott L. Collins, University of New Mexico
In celebration of ESA’s Centennial, ESA’s Vice Presidents for Education and Human Resources, Public Affairs, and Science bring together leaders at the intersections between science, education, management, and policy. Too often, we divide ecological topics into these constituent parts and address each part in isolation. But the most pressing environmental, social, and educational challenges require more integrated approaches. Seven of the speakers will focus on pressing environmental challenges and opportunities such as: climate change, biodiversity loss, land use/cover change, nutrient limitations and pollutants, human health, loss of ecosystem services, and restoring and managing for resilience. Talks will synthesize past accomplishments and future challenges in advancing ecological science and its integration with management, policy and education- providing insights into successful approaches for addressing environmental challenges. One key challenge is that our current research, educational, management and policy institutions don’t always reward or support integration across these activities. The 8th speaker will review successful pathways for the institutional changes to promote successful environmental problem solving. Finally, one of the ESA Vice Presidents will summarize results of a survey of ESA members and our stakeholders (educators, policy makers, ecosystem managers) to highlight future directions to maximize ecology’s role in advancing science and its outreach and applications.
8:00 AM
 Global rise in urbanites: The heat is on
James F. Reynolds, Duke University; Corrie Hannah, Duke University; Jiansheng Ye, Lanzhou University; Claudio Zucca, ICARDA; Michael Cherlet, Joint Research Centre; Stefan Sommer, Joint Research Centre; Song Feng, University of Arkansas; Qiang Fu, University of Washington
8:20 AM
 Land use and infrastructure for balancing conservation goals with development needs
Ruth S. DeFries, Columbia University; Trishna Dutta, Columbia University; Sandeep Sharma, Smithsonian Institution
8:40 AM
 Science, education and management to redress ongoing losses of biodiversity
Mark W. Schwartz, University of California, Davis
9:00 AM Cancelled
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Managing for ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes
Claire Kremen, University of California, Berkeley
10:10 AM
 Can we manage for resilience? An ecological history and some steps forward
Katharine Suding, University of Colorado; Lauren M. Hallett, University of California, Berkeley; Loralee Larios, University of Montana
10:30 AM
 Opportunities and challenges in linking ecological science, policy and management to address current and future environmental issues
Valerie T. Eviner, University of California Davis; Kelly Garbach, Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Loyola University Chicago; Elena Bennett, McGill University; Daniel R. Scholes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Leah R. Gerber, Arizona State University