IGN 15
Understanding of the Dynamics and Controls of Primary Productivity in a Changing World

Thursday, August 13, 2015: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
345, Baltimore Convention Center
Evelyn Gaiser, Florida International University
Diane McKnight, Univerisity of Colorado; and Mary A. Spivey, University of Minnesota
Viviana Mazzei, Florida International University
Understanding the dynamics and controls of primary production is a longstanding theme in ecology, but few studies are conducted over significant timescales to enable analysis of how controls may be changing with global transformations of climate and land use. This organized oral session will highlight insights gained about the patterns of change and regulation of primary production in a variety of ecosystems from long-term studies that span more than a decade. The goal is to reveal whether common changes are occurring in patterns of change and regulatory features across different ecosystem types, from lakes, rivers, wetlands, grasslands, deserts to forests. Potential presentations might address topics such as the ways in which altered climate, nutrient enrichment, species change and land cover change directly and indirectly alter the dynamics and controls of primary production. The goal is to reveal the ways in which long-term place-based science is driving the field of ecology forward, and to further advance our disciplines by stimulating new, cross-ecosystem comparisons. The session will also highlight the ways in which educational activities and relationships with policy-makers have both improved literacy about ecological systems and informed decisions about drivers of primary production in landscapes.
 Long-term dynamics and controls of forest productivity in the northeastern USA
Audrey A. Barker Plotkin, Harvard University; Jonathan R. Thompson, Harvard University; J. William Munger, Harvard University; Andrew D. Richardson, Harvard University; Trevor Keenan, Macquarie University; Serita D. Frey, University of New Hampshire
 More summer, more nitrogen and thinner ice: Long-term trends in summertime phytoplankton abundance in an alpine lake in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
Diane McKnight, Univerisity of Colorado; Mark Williams, University of Colorado; Pieter T. J. Johnson, University of Colorado at Boulder; Katherina Hell, University of Colorado
 Long term trends in phytoplankton productivity in McMurdo Dry Valley (Antarctica) lakes
John C. Priscu, Montana State University; Amy Chiuchiolo, Montana State University; Pamela Santibáñez-Ávila, Montana State University; Maciej K. Obryk, Portland State University; Peter T. Doran, Louisiana State University; Michael N. Gooseff, Colorado State University
 Food webs control the strength of diversity-productivity relationships
Eric W. Seabloom, University of Minnesota; Linda L. Kinkel, University of Minnesota; Elizabeth T. Borer, University of Minnesota; Yann Hautier, Oxford University
 Long-term trends in lake metabolism: Heterogeneity and variance
Emily H. Stanley, University of Wisconsin; Stephen R. Carpenter, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Ankur R. Desai, University of Wisconsin Madison; Paul C. Hanson, University of Wisconsin; Noah R. Lottig, University of Wisconsin; Jake Vander Zanden, University of Wisconsin
 Compensatory dynamics in nature: A stabilizing role for interspecific competition
Lauren M. Hallett, University of California, Berkeley; Katharine N. Suding, University of California at Berkeley
 C cycling, landscape disturbances and water management: Views through the marsh grass lens
Tiffany G. Troxler, Florida International University; Evelyn E. Gaiser, Florida International University
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