SS 2
Ecology on the Runway: An Eco-Fashion Show and Other Non-Traditional Public Engagement Approaches (CANCELLED)

Monday, August 10, 2015: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
310, Baltimore Convention Center
Nalini Nadkarni, University of Utah
Douglas Levey, National Science Foundation
Ecologists can play a role in bridging the growing gaps between science and society, and between nature and humans, by engaging the public with their knowledge of and passion for the biota, processes, and landscapes they study. This can be carried out in traditional venues – such as museums and public lectures that are visited by those already value science and nature. However, ecologists can also engage with scientifically underserved publics in non-traditional venues, in ways that will link ecological values with the values of these non-scientists.


We provide demonstrations of public engagement with scientifically underrepresented audiences by ecologists. First, we will stage an “Eco-fashion Show” that features prominent ecologists who will model custom-made clothing created from fabric that has biologically correct images of their own study plants, animals, microbes, and landscapes printed on it. The masters of ceremony will describe the research that each ecologist has carried out on the biota portrayed on the fashion clothing. This demonstration, in miniature at the ESA meeting, demonstrates how something as seemingly non-academic as fashion clothing can serve as a vector for outreach and education about ecology.


We will also feature mini-talks by other ecologists who have created innovative and effective public engagement by taking their research out of academic settings and into public and community venues.  A brief Q&A and discussion on the ways that our academic community can help foster such interactions will conclude the Session.

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