SS 28
Sharing and Managing Data to More Effectively Conduct Ecological Research

Thursday, August 13, 2015: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
307, Baltimore Convention Center
Jim Myers, University of Michigan
Dharma Akmon, SEAD
Ecologists frequently work in small teams to conduct research and must share data across their team to analyze them and generate results. Additionally, ecologists are increasingly expected to manage their data in ways that facilitate deposit into long-term archives so that other researchers can make use of them in new research. This workshop introduces participants to tools that make sharing and managing data easier, while also bringing significant benefits to data producers. Participants will be introduced to SEAD's Project Spaces, which are secure, team-controlled spaces that ecologists can use to more effectively share and manage data as they collect and work with them. With SEAD Project Spaces scientists are able to upload any kind of data, add descriptive information and organize the data into collections, preview data without downloading them, and engage in social interactions around data. Participants will also learn how they can easily move data from their active project spaces into long-term archives where data can be discovered and reused to facilitate new discovery. The session will include demonstrations, question-and-answer sessions, and guidance on how to use SEAD's tools most effectively in ecological research.
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