WK 41
Making Ecology Safer for Everyone: Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Field

Tuesday, August 11, 2015: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
303, Baltimore Convention Center
Joshua A Drew, Columbia University
Jacquelyn L. Gill, University of Maine
Many ecologists are required to work in remote settings as part of their data collection and/or training. A recent study (Clancy et al., 2014) showed that nearly 40% of respondents reported some sort of inappropriate conduct occurring in the field, ranging along a spectrum from unwelcome comments to sexual assault. In this workshop we will provide a safe space to talk about what steps we can take, as individuals and as a community, to reduce the threats faced by researchers in the field. In this workshop, we will 1) outline best practices for field station supervisors and senior managers to create safe field environments, 2) outline best practices for bystander intervention and safe reporting, 3) explore relevant topics such as inclusive language and microaggressions, and 4) discuss how to support someone who tells you they’ve been harassed or assaulted. Organizers will ensure that this workshop is a safe space where opinions can be voiced in confidence and without fear of repercussion. As we work as a society to promote equity among ecologists, it is important that we lay the groundwork to ensure that all future members are able to conduct field-based research in an environment where they are safe from sexual misconduct. Ecologists from all career stages and demographics are encouraged to attend.

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