SS 19
Developing a Set of Fundamental Concepts in Ecology

Tuesday, August 11, 2015: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
302, Baltimore Convention Center
Bob R. Pohlad, Ferrum College
George A. Middendorf, Howard University; and Alan R. Berkowitz, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
ESA’s Committee on Diversity and Education (CDE) is leading a review and compilation of a set of fundamental concepts in ecology. We seek input at this meeting toward the development of a set of level-based ecological concepts.  Future input will come from those teaching introductory ecology and biology at institutions including teaching-focused, R01, PUIs, MSI, HBCUs, K12, and community colleges, along with others associated with ecological and environmental education. As ESA celebrates its centennial year, we seek to extend ‘traditional’ ecological principles to embrace new areas of education and research including, for instance, issues of anthropogenic influence, urban ecology, environmental justice, and global climate change. Establishing concepts for different levels of ecology education would allow differential focus on key concepts and expectations for teaching and understanding. Each concept will be clearly delineated, justified for inclusion at that level, and appropriate associated skills identified. The major outcome will be nested sets of level-based standardized ecological concepts/principles available for educators at a variety of levels and institutions.  We envision their use in the reorganization of not only educational programs but support materials, like textbooks.  These concepts will provide a coherent framework to ensure student and post-student populations are better equipped to understand ecological and environmental issues and thus, better able to address and develop solutions to these problems.  Once compiled, concepts will be presented to ESA members for review and feedback.
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