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Breaking the Ice with STEAM: Synthesis, Innovation, and Improving Scientific Outreach through Artistic Collaboration (FREE but must register)

Monday, August 10, 2015: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
315, Baltimore Convention Center
Kim J. Landsbergen, Antioch College
Nathan Phillips, Boston University; Pam Theodotou, NYX Film; Jane Marsching, Massachusetts College of Art and Design; and Andrew Thompson, Antioch College
Multiple factors are pressuring scientists to become more creative in communicating the results and relevance of their research.  Threats to funding, waning public interest in science, and at times misinformation about research are major factors of concern. The “shrimp on a treadmill” treatment looms for every 21st century ecologist and practitioner in the realm of basic science. One approach for scientists to broaden impact and improve communication is to engage in social media in order to be one’s own PR agent. Previous workshops have addressed this knowledge gap.  Another useful communication approach is for scientists to collaborate with artists and designers to create documentary pieces, works of contemporary art, socially engaged practice, and scientifically-informed design. Formal scientific training involves many years of focus, producing honed expertise in a narrow field of knowledge. Art fosters empathy and insight, and is a medium of exploration of ideas that is complimentary to scientific approaches. Creating works with others through the lens of creativity will help re-extend our vision and to make multiple connections across disciplines.  We offer this workshop in order to help inspire and enable scientists to seek out artist collaborators, and to assist science participants in drafting ideas for artistic connections with their own work. We will highlight personal experiences and will survey successful examples from the art/science community.  Small-group sessions and whole-group workshop methods will be used to help the scientist participants develop a wish-list and strategy for future creative collaboration.

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