SS 22
Welcome to the BLM – One of the West’s Last Ecological Frontiers

Wednesday, August 12, 2015: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
309, Baltimore Convention Center
Heidi Hadley, BLM
Adrienne Pilmanis, BLM; and Ron McCormick, BLM
Speakers: BLM staff specialists


Ecology and the BLM (The original The General Land Office” and Taylor Grazing Service combined) are inextricably intertwined as they have been for over 200 years.  Every branch of Ecology is relevant and integral to public land management; from Theoretical Ecology to Rangeland Ecology to Environmental Justice.  In several brief presentations Agency staff will describe what BLM is and is not, what science is and isn’t being done, and then engage with the audience to discuss the infinite potential for applied ecological investigation in public land natural resources management.  Learn about the US’s largest land management agency’s Mission as directed by laws, regulations and policies.  Get acquainted with the new BLM Science Strategy, Planning 2.0, Landscape Approach, Monitoring, Healthy Lands, Climate Change, and Citizen Science initiatives that are intended to facilitate the integration of science in planning and adaptive management. Consider a variety of examples of past, current and future ecological research and applications (Disturbance ecology, ESA listed Species, Monitoring, Ecosystem Services).

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