PS 72
Remote Sensing And Image Analysis

Thursday, August 13, 2015: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 Responses of montane forest to climate variability in the Central Himalayas of Nepal
Janardan Mainali, University of North Carolina Wilmington; John All, Western Kentucky University; Pramod K. Jha, Tribhuvan University; Dinesh R. Bhuju, Resources Himalaya Foundation
 Using spectral reflectance signatures and chlorophyll fluorescence to investigate plant physiology and ecosystem functions
Hualei Yang, Marine Biological Laboratory; Jianwu Tang, Marine Biological Laboratory; Shucun SUN, Nanjing University; Mary Heskel, Marine Biological Laboratory
 Area changes of fresh water body in South Florida in recent 20 years based on satellite observations
Hongbo Su, Florida Atlantic University; Weimin Wang, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Center; Kai Liu, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Lijun Yang, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Center; Hong Liang, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Center
 Beyond the visible: The effects of soil water and nitrogen on plant reflectance spectra 
Itiya Aneece, University of Virginia; Emma Hauser, Earlham College
 EO-1 Hyperion reflectance time series tracing the seasonal dynamics in vegetation bio-physical parameters
Petya Campbell, UMBC and NASA/GSFC; Elizabeth Middleton, NASA; Karl Huemmrich, NASA
 Remote sensing of vegetation in coastal dune systems
Fateme Yousefi Lalimi, Duke University; Sonia Silvestri, Duke University; Laura J. Moore, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Marco Marani, Duke University
 Tower-based optical sensing of ecosystem carbon fluxes
Karl F. Huemmrich, UMBC; Lawrence A. Corp, Sigma Space Corp.; Elizabeth M. Middleton, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Bruce Cook, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Petya K.E. Campbell, University of Maryland Baltimore County; David Landis, Global Science and Technology, Inc.; Qingyuan Zhang, USRA; Milton Hom, SSAI; Andrew L. Russ, United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service; William P. Kustas, United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service
 Applying biomass-spectra relationships from Ivotuk, Alaska to six other sites in the Alaskan Arctic
Sara N. Bratsch, University of Virginia; Howard E. Epstein, University of Virginia; Heather A. Landes, University of Virginia
 Ecological implications for long term acoustic monitoring at NEON observatory sites
Samuel Denes, Syracuse University; Susan E. Parks, Syracuse University; Pramod Varshney, Syracuse University; Kurt Fristrup, National Park Service
 Greendown signal, simply a signal of local habitat variability or indicator of leaf physiology changes?
Vanessa Cunningham, University of Maryland; Andrew Elmore, University of Maryland; David Nelson, University of Maryland
 BULC: Bayesian Updating of Land-Cover classifications in a data-rich environment
Jeffrey Cardille, McGill University; Jacky Lee, McGill University; Julie Fortin, McGill University; Seonah Han, McGill University; Jaaved Singh, McGill University
 Divergent land use pathways for secondary forest succession in Panama’s Azuero Peninsula
Gabriella Frankhouser, New College of Florida; Trevor Caughlin, University of Florida; Sarah Graves, University of Florida; Orion Morton, New College of Florida; Stephanie A. Bohlman, University of Florida
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