PS 11
Biogeochemistry: Aboveground-Belowground Interactions

Monday, August 10, 2015: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 Biochar amendment of grassland soil may promote woody encroachment by Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana)
Ramesh Laungani, Doane University; Maria Juarez, Doane College; Tyler Kuhfahl, Doane College
 Awakening of dormant soil microbes: Implications for soil CO2 emissions
Alejandro Salazar, Purdue University; Evgenia Blagodatskaya, University of Göttingen; Jeffrey S. Dukes, Purdue University
 Nutrient availability influences rhizosphere effect on soil microbial properties
Shan Shan, Miami University of Ohio; Melany C. Fisk, Miami University of Ohio; Michael Grentzer, Miami University of Ohio
 Engaging FRED (Fine-Root Ecology Database): Leveraging variation in root functional traits within and among plant functional types to better understand and model above- and belowground ecosystem processes
Jennifer L. Trumbo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Colleen M. Iversen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; A. Shafer Powell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; M. Luke McCormack, University of Minnesota; Jeffrey M. Warren, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
 Accelerated soil carbon turnover under tree plantations limits soil carbon storage
Guangshui Chen, Fujian Normal University; Yusheng Yang, Fujian Normal University; Zhijie Yang, Fujian Normal University; Jinsheng Xie, Fujian Normal University; Jianfen Guo, Fujian Normal University; Ren Gao, Fujian Normal University; Yunfeng Yin, Fujian Normal University
 The influence of plant phylogenetic and functional relatedness on soil feedbacks
Connor R. Fitzpatrick, University of Toronto Mississauga; Marc T. J. Johnson, University of Toronto Mississauga; Peter M. Kotanen, University of Toronto; Laura Gehant, AgroSup
 Making up biomass: Environmental effects of nitrogen fertilization in sagebrush communities on the Pinedale Anticline in Wyoming
Christopher W. Beltz, University of Wyoming; Megan L. Mobley, Oregon State University; Ingrid C. Burke, University of Wyoming
 Plant-soil interactions in American chestnut restoration
Erin M. Coughlin, University of Georgia; Nina Wurzburger, University of Georgia; Richard P. Shefferson, University of Tokyo; Stacy L. Clark, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
 Above- and belowground biomass and soil respiration in a low-input perennial biofuel production system
Jordan L. Young, University of Northern Iowa; Jessica Abernathy, University of Northern Iowa; Kenneth J. Elgersma, University of Northern Iowa
 Species effects on root exudates and rhizosphere N mining
Lijuan Sun, Kyoto University; Yuji Kominami, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute; Kenichi Yoshimura, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute; Kanehiro Kitayama, Kyoto University
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